Granta web seminars

Granta web seminars for all Materials Educators

Our regular web seminars are for anyone with an interest in Materials Education, covering ideas for teaching materials, case studies from industry and education, examples of the use of the CES EduPack resources, and previews of resources that we are working on.

Current web seminar program

  Water Containers and Plastic WasteQuarterly Case Study Session: Water Containers and Plastic Waste
To engage today’s students, it’s important to find topics that are relevant to them. The current problem of plastic waste from packaging ending up in nature is an illustrative example. In this advanced industrial case study, we will show how the CES EduPack software can be used to understand and assess different approaches and options within product development and design.
CES EduPack 2018Vehículos eléctricos: sostenibilidad y materiales críticos
Únete a nosotros para ver este caso práctico sobre un vehículo eléctrico. Exploraremos cómo considerar el ciclo de vida completo de los productos para llevar a cabo decisiones sobre materiales. Descubre cómo emplear este caso práctico en docencia y aprendizaje.
CES EduPack 2018Materiali e Sostenibilita’ dei Veicoli Elettrici
Iscriviti a questo seminario online per seguire un caso studio sui veicoli elettrici, dove esploreremo come analizzare il ciclo di vita da un punto di vista dei materiali.

Online Case Study sessions for CES EduPack users

In addition to the open web seminars above, Granta runs regular Quarterly Case Study sessions, providing ideas for educators who are using CES EduPack in their courses (note, these sessions is not open to students).

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Using the WebEx system for Granta web seminars

Granta uses the WebEx system to support our web seminars and online training. Anyone with an Internet-connected computer should be able to join via a web browser. You can either stream the audio through your computer or (recommended for optimal performace) dial in using a telephone. The system should work well with most personal computers, but it is always worth testing it before your first attendance at an online event, as it may need to install some components in your browser.

More information on testing and troubleshooting WebEx