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Breaking News: New website

In our first Teaching Resources Newsletter after launching our revamped website, we want to say welcome to new people in our community and thank you to everyone who gave us ideas and helped to road test it.
Explore the new website here 
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Teaching Resources: Highlighted resources

NEW Resources

Three new white papers (linked from the images below) are now available, supporting different aspects of teaching with CES EduPack. Other new resources include Lecture Units in Russian, Exercises for Sustainable Development and Bio Engineering, and the Solution Manuals to the latest editions of Mike Ashby's books.

See the latest resources on the Teaching Resources Website »

Bio Engineering Database, Bio-derived materials and example applications Paper: The Elements Database Paper: Advanced Industrial Case Studies in Transportation

NEW Contributed Resources

There are currently more than 250 resources available on the Teaching Resources Website, which include those contributed by faculty from the 1000 universities and colleges that use CES EduPack worldwide, such as those linked from the images below. The more resources we can share in this way, the more likely it is that you find something useful. So if you have something that has proved successful in your teaching and would like to contribute it to the site, please contact us at

Significance of Materials Selection Tools Materiaux pour Raquettes a Neige Lecure Unit: Materials and the Environment

Training Webinars for Educators using CES EduPack

All educators using CES EduPack in their teaching are invited to participate in regular online training sessions. Held on the first Thursday of the month, the sessions include presentations and practical demonstrations, followed by questions and answers with Granta's Education Team. There is no cost for these educators to attend these hour-long web training events.

Register online to join these regular training events »

Dr Ana Pereira training Thursday, April 3: "Advanced Case Studies (part 2)"
Dr Ana Pereira will give an update on the latest news from the Materials Education community and explore in-depth case studies exploring Biopolymers, Woods, and Materials Selection for Pacemakers, sharing practical ideas you can use with your students.
Dr Claes Fredriksson training Thursday, May 1: "Trade Offs and Q+A"
Dr Claes Fredriksson will walk you through an advanced case study using penalty functions to handle trade-offs. We’ll also offer a few tips and tricks and make sure you are up to date with the resources and events available to you. Claes will be available to answer any question you might have directly.
Hannah Melia training Thursday, June 5: "A Picture Tells a Thousand Words"
Hannah Melia will show you different ways you can use diagrams, charts and images in CES EduPack to convey Materials concepts. She’ll cover general tips+tricks and make sure you are up-to-date with what is going on in our community. Hannah will be able to answer any questions you might have after the session.

CES EduPack and CES Selector: Tips and Tricks

CES EduPack 2014 and CES Selector 2014 are now available. For further information please visit the Granta website or do not hesitate to contact the Granta Team directly.

Here are some tips for the software:

CES Tip Eco Audit Tool: Try modifying your model with the Summary Chart open.
Changes can be seen instantly!
CES Tip CES EduPack and CES Selector: Finding it difficult to see the bubbles and bars on a chart?
Go to Options > Tools > Graph and maximize the bubble size and line weight.
CES Tip CES Selector: Want to know how to export data to other tools?
Go to Help > CES Help, click on search and type FE.

We are hiring! Do you want to join us?

Granta is always looking for good people. At the moment though the hunt is on for another Senior Materials Education Consultant to join the Teaching Resources Team. Are you passionate about materials education? Think you can create outstanding teaching resources and support a network of educators all over the world with training? Do you want to influence the future development of CES EduPack?

     » If you have 7 or more years’ experience teaching Materials, apply here.
     » We also have summer internships and graduate positions apply here.

Granta's Teaching Resource Team

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