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NEWSLETTER | Teaching Resources #2

Preparation: Summer is here

Now is the perfect time to think about and prepare for the next semester! We hope that the resources highlighted here will give you good ideas. They've been updated to work with the new CES EduPack 2014, launched in May. (If you have a maintenance license and haven't yet received the new version, let us know.) And don’t forget, even though those in the Northern hemisphere are probably looking forward to or already enjoying a summer break, the Teaching Resource Team are still here if you have any further questions. click here to visit the Teaching Resources Website!

Teaching Resources: Highlighted resources

NEW Resources

We have worked with Hugh Shercliff of the University of Cambridge to create a paper that shows how CES EduPack can be used to facilitate the understanding of what happens to the properties of materials when changing their composition, microstructure, or 'architecture'. Corporate Social Responsibility and Resource Efficiency are topics we have explored in a new paper using the new Sustainable Development Edition of CES EduPack. The other highlight is a set of exercises based on the two Bio Engineering white papers, which can be carried out using the updated Bio Engineering Edition with Level 3 data.

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Paper: Manipulating Properties: Charts, microstructure and processing Paper: Material Risk and Corporate Sustainability Exercises: Bio Engineering (Lecture Unit: 'Teaching resources for Bioengineering')

KEY resources for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is an important area of teaching. It motivates students, brings together different disciplines, and helps to prepare students for the changing demands of the future work place and society. We have road-tested a methodology for teaching engineering students on this topic, and the results have been written up in the paper below. A Lecture Unit and Exercises complement this paper and the Sustainable Development Edition of CES EduPack.

Download: Key Sustainable Development Resources here

Lecture Unit 23: Materials and Sustainable Development Paper: Materials and Sustainable Development Exercises: Sustainable Development

Training: Webinars Coming up

Webinars for educators using CES EduPack are held on the first Thursday of the month. We are having a break in August—back in September with “Beyond the Materials Universe”.

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Dr Jorge Sobral training Thursday, September 4: "Beyond the MaterialUniverse"
Dr. Jorge Sobral will be talking about adding your own records, accessing other databases (e.g., New Emerging and Unusual Materials database), and even making your own database.

This academic year we have run training in Turkey, the UK, the USA, Denmark, Portugal, and Spain and have plans for courses in Singapore and Russia. Contact us if you are interested in attending a training course, or would like to arrange one for you and colleagues at your university.

Granta's network of materials educators around the world

Events: Out and About

We want to find out more about Materials Education around the world and how we can best support it. Recently we participated in a workshop on Excellence in Post Graduate Education: Manufacturing, Materials and Design. You can read a report about the workshop here. The Higher Education Academy

Other recent events included the American Society of Engineering Educators Annual conference, where we spoke in the Design in Engineering Education session. If you are going to an event and want to meet up with us, you can find out if we are going here.

CES EduPack and CES Selector: Tips and Tricks

CES EduPack 2014 and CES Selector 2014 are now available. For further information please visit the Granta website or do not hesitate to contact the Granta Team directly.

Here are some tips for the software:

CES Tip New Homepages: Click on Database Tour to see a video about the database you have open.
CES Tip Eco Audit Tool: Click on the bars of the Summary Chart to get “Strategies for Reducing Environmental Impact”.
CES Tip Material Class Information: In Level 3 look for 'insert symbol' on a folder of records – e.g. carbon steels. Double clicking on it gives you useful information about that class of materials including processing properties. A nice summary for students.

We are hiring! Do you want to join us?

Granta is always looking to hire great people. At the moment we are looking for another Senior Materials Education Consultant to join the Teaching Resources Team. Are you passionate about materials education? Can you create outstanding teaching resources and support a network of educators all over the world with training? Do you want to influence the future development of CES EduPack?

     » If you have 7 or more years’ experience teaching Materials, apply here.
     » We also have internships and graduate positions apply here.

Granta's Teaching Resource Team

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