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Spring 2013

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1: CES EduPack 2013: get ahead for next year's teaching Top

CES EduPack 2013 is ready for shipment: supporting materials education across engineering, science, and design with new data, models, resources, and improvements to usability.

The latest software and teaching resource will be made available to universities and colleges around the world during May, allowing educators to prepare lectures, project work, student exercises, and course handouts for next academic year's undergraduate teaching. The new version has a particular focus on interdisciplinary teaching. There are also new ways to get students started quicker, enhanced search capabilities, and more data and resources for advanced teaching.  Join Prof. Mike Ashby online on May 9 to see some of these new features in action, with a particular focus on the new sustainability resources.   New search engine: new ways to get students started quicker

Read the announcement: CES EduPack 2013 available 

Join Prof. Mike Ashby's webinar (May 9) 

Contact us before May 31 if you are interested in using CES EduPack 2013 in next year's teaching and do not have a current maintenance license. Users of CES EduPack with a license entitling them to an update will receive their new version during May.  

Request a demonstration before May 31 

2: Reports from the Materials Education Symposia Top

Two Materials Education Symposia bring together the materials education community

Over 200 materials educators contributed to the two Materials Education Symposia held this Spring. The Advisory Committee would like to thank all whose presentations and contributions resulted in such interactive and collaborative events.

Particularly thanks to: Prof. Ron Kander and Philadelphia University (for hosting the 4th North American Materials Education Symposium), to Cambridge University (which hosted the 5th International Materials Education Symposium), and to the ASEE Materials Division, ASM International, FEMS, Granta, and SEFI for their support.

The Symposia provided a great forum to explore innovation in university education. They discussed the unique role of Materials Science and Engineering as a hub connecting the pure and applied sciences and able to lead change in teaching approaches. They discussed accreditation, and engaged with current initiatives such as the Materials Genome Initiative. They included workshops and revealing in-class demonstrations, discussion of 'Massive Open Online Courses' (MOOCs) and 'Just-in-time teaching'. And they had a truly global atmosphere with talks, posters, and contributions to discussion from 33 different countries.
  Find out more by downloading the report on the Symposia website. This includes session summaries, photographs and quotes from speakers and attendees.

Find out more by downloading the report on the Symposia website. This includes session summaries, photographs and quotes from speakers and attendees. Attendees can also download PDF copies of many of the presentations.

Download the full report of the Symposia 

Download the presentations (attendees only) 

3: Teaching Resources Website Top

See the latest updates and download lectures used at the CES EduPack Short Courses

This year's CES EduPack Short Courses, held in recent weeks at Philadelphia University (PA) and Cambridge University (UK), allowed participants to preview the latest version of CES EduPack. The widely-praised lecture units used on the course are now available to download from Granta's Teaching Resource Website by all educators who use CES EduPack.

The lectures join hundreds of exercises, teaching aids, and background papers developed at Granta or contributed by university and college teachers. Some of these resources are available as 'open access resources'. The resources are valuable to anyone constructing a materials-related course, particularly those charged with integrating materials modules into related disciplines.

Visit the Teaching Resources Website 

4:  Upcoming Webinars: Join guest speakers online Top

Educators share their experiences of teaching with CES EduPack

We are delighted that four university lecturers who regularly use CES EduPack in their teaching have agreed to share some of their experiences at upcoming webinars: please register online.

Dates Venue Speaker
May 9 Sustainability: a new resource to support interdisciplinary teaching
Register online
Prof. Mike Ashby,
Emeritus Professor in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
May 23 Supporting accreditation criteria for engineering programs
Register online

Dr. Paul Eason,
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Computing, Engineering & Construction, University of North Florida
May 28 Manipulating Properties: Material and process trajectories on property charts
Register online
Dr. Hugh Shercliff,
Senior Lecturer in Materials, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Sep 5 Interdisciplinary teaching across engineering courses and departments
More details online
Dr. Ron Kander,
Dean of Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, Philadelphia University

More details and registration for web seminars 

Those working in Lycees may also be interested in our upcoming French-language webinar: "Vous pensiez connaître CES EduPack ? Motivez vos étudiants autour des Sciences, de l'Ingénierie, de la Conception et du Développement Durable, sous l'angle des Matériaux " (Mai 30). Enregistrez-vous...

5: On the blog: revisiting corrugated iron Top

Prof. Mike Ashby starts a new series on 'Unappreciated Materials' by revisiting corrugated iron

Visit Granta's Blog   "Some materials catch headlines, are held in awe, but not all. Some get little respect despite, in some cases, having changed the world. They have become commonplace, anonymous, ignored and (particularly if they are cheap) cast aside when no longer wanted. If they had feelings, they would be hurt. This blog is the first in a series designed to draw attention to their plight…"

Visit the Blog 

6: 2014 Materials Education Symposia Top

Express your interest in next year's events to be kept up to date!

Following the success of this year's events, the Academic Advisory Committee will meet to decide on next year's Symposium themes in June. They encourage those interested in sharing their materials education experiences to keep an eye on the Symposium website and consider submitting an abstract for a talk or poster... or both!

2014 Dates Event Venue
Mar 20-21 5th North American Materials Education Symposium University of Illinois Urbana Champagne
Apr 10-11 6th International Materials Education Symposium University of Cambridge
Dec 11-12 1st Asian Materials Education Symposium National University of Singapore

Visit the Symposia website and express your interest 

7: Tips Top

Get started with CES EduPack 2013 using online video tutorials

  Watch the Getting Started Video Tutorial  

With the launch of CES EduPack 2013, students and educators can now get up to speed quickly by watching YouTube videos, complete with closed captions. Produced by Granta's Teaching Resources team, these bite-sized video clips introduce key functionality. Additional video tutorials tackle more advanced use. Find out more on our website, or by following the link in the new software.

Watch the Getting Started Video Tutorial 

8: Careers Top

Granta Design is recruiting!

Granta is growing as more universities use CES EduPack and more companies use our materials information software for industry. We currently have job opportunities for bright, enthusiastic, committed people with a background in science or engineering. We're looking for students graduating from bachelor, masters, or PhD degrees, as well as for people with more experience of university teaching or industry. Please pass the message along to students or colleagues who might be interested! See our jobs page for more information.

Visit Granta's recruitment website 

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