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April 2015

1. Webinar and free download

Mike Ashby on Design Priorities and Materials Maps

Maps and Design Priorities

Mike AshbyJoin Professor Mike Ashby for a webinar on eco design on May 5. Mike gave two talks at The Ohio State University, which hosted the North American Materials Education Symposium last month. The first put into context the design priorities that a Designer or Engineer must consider in the 21st Century by looking back at historical examples, showing how Eco Design is more-and-more a standard requirement. The webinar will discuss how teaching on that topic can be integrated into an already packed Syllabus.

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The second Symposium talk was about the value of maps, from ancient maps of a flat earth to maps that help us to understand materials—beginning with Mendeleev's Periodic Table, and charting the evolution of our materials understanding through property charts. Mike has generously allowed us to share his presentation for educational purposes. If you use these slides, please acknowledge: "These slides were presented by Mike Ashby at the Materials Education Symposia 2015." .

Download Mike Ashby's maps presentation >
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Webinar & download:
Mike Ashby on eco design, materials maps



Materials Education Symposia: Reports from the recent events



Online lectures: Full program Apr-Jun



Teaching resources update: What's new?



CES EduPack Alumni: LinkedIn group



Open development: Give us your ideas



CES EduPack 2015



Upcoming Events

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2. Materials Education Symposia

Scenes from the recent Symposia

It's been a busy month for the materials education community, with the 6th North American Materials Education Symposium at The Ohio State University quickly followed by the 7th International event at Cambridge University. Over 160 materials education professionals attended these two events, with presentations covering topics from the use of 3,000 year-old iron extraction technology to excite students about metallurgy, to the implications of the US Materials Genome Initiative for materials teaching. You can read a comprehensive report from the two events at the link below, and find out why everything from bells to Bat Suits gets a mention!

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3. Online lecture series

Join us for one of a series of web seminars over the next three months and answer questions like:

  • How can I fit Eco Design in to my course?
  • Can my students get quick access to high temperature materials data?
  • What are industry doing with high-spec Polymers?

Speakers include Professor Mike Ashby (University of Cambridge), Dr. Merce Segarra (University of Barcelona), Dr. John Nychka (University of Alberta) and colleagues from Granta's Materials Education Team.

Apr 30 Teaching real-world Engineering using CES EduPack
May 5 CES EduPack for Eco Design (with Mike Ashby)
May 13 Analyze, compare, & store Materials research data (with Dr Mercè Segarra, Univ of Barcelona)
May 14 Metal replacement—the rise of high-spec polymers
May 19 CES EduPack for Aerospace, Automotive and Rail applications
May 21 Using CES EduPack on Bio Engineering courses
May 28 Incorporating CES EduPack in Capstone Design courses (with Dr John Nychka, Univ of Alberta)
Jun 3 CES EduPack: Accreditation and transferable skills

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4. Teaching resources update

TR logoTo make sure that our teaching resources continue to support educators that use CES EduPack, we update them once a year after the new release of the software. For example, you will now find a comparison of traditional vs additive manufacturing in the Processes Lecture Unit.

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5. CES EduPack Alumni LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn logoAs well as supporting the teaching of materials, CES EduPack aims to prepare students for industry by providing an insight into some of the materials data and materials selection tools that they will need to use should they become materials specialists or design engineers after graduation. At Granta we're getting more questions about where engineering enterprise can find this expertise. The CES EduPack Alumni LinkedIn Group is a new initiative through which anyone who has used CES EduPack at university can connect to graduates with similar interests, extending their network to others who may offer interesting insight, ideas, or employment opportunities. Please pass this along to your students, particularly final year students and graduates.

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6. Open development

Ongoing projectsWe rely on the ideas, feedback and collaboration of materials educators around the world when developing CES EduPack and the supporting teaching and student resources. We are trying to make that process even more transparent so as to encourage more of you to get involved. Find out about what we are working on and help us to prioritise our efforts by visiting our new Database Development webpage.

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7. CES EduPack 2015

CES EduPack 2015

The new release of CES EduPack 2015, announced in the last eBulletin, is now available to any licensed user that needs it. It will be shipped to perpetual license-holders with an active maintenance agreement over the next month. New features include: Additive Manufacturing information; cost reporting in Eco Audits; an enhanced Sustainable Development Edition; and more for final year/capstone design. Please contact us if you wish to renew an out-dated license.

What's new in 2015 >

8. Upcoming events

Meet us at these upcoming events, conferences, workshops and webinars:


  28-30 Materials Week, Madrid, Spain
  30 Webinar: Teaching real-world Engineering using CES EduPack


  5 Webinar: CES EduPack for Eco Design
  7 CES EduPack Online Training: "Challenging Concepts in CES EduPack"
  13 Webinar: Analyze, compare, and store Materials research data
  14 Webinar: Metal replacement—the rise of high-spec polymers
  19 Webinar: CES EduPack for Aerospace, Automotive and rail Applications
  21 Webinar: Using CES EduPack on Bio Engineering courses
  28 Webinar: Incorporating CES EduPack in Capstone Design courses


  3 Webinar: CES EduPack: Accreditation and transferable skills
  4 CES EduPack Online Training
  9-12 EESD Conference, Vancouver, Canada (Workshop and paper presentation)
  14-17 ASEE Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, USA (Paper presentation)
  29-2 SEFI Annual Meeting, Orleans, France (Paper presentation)

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