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1. CES EduPack 2015

Educating for real-world engineering

CES EduPack 2015, the new version of the leading materials education resource, is out this month. This release provides enhanced tools and resources to support real-world engineering education.

New features include:

  • Additive manufacturing information that will help students to explore these much talked about processes.
  • Cost reporting in Eco Audits, enabling students to study both the economic and environmental impact of products.
  • An enhanced Sustainable Development Edition – more information and tools to integrate this key topic into your teaching.
  • More for final year/capstone design projects, including updated producer data, selection tools, and improved FEA export capabilities.
  • And much more... follow the link below for a full list of new features.

Find out what's new at the CES EduPack website >

  In this issue:


CES EduPack 2015: Educating for real-world engineering; Training and webinars this month



Teaching Materials with CES EduPack: Download a new paper for a limited period



Materials Education Symposia: Full program for Spring events



Educating about Sustainability: Webinar and new resources



Granta Training



Granta at TMS: Dr Claes Fredriksson speaking



Meet the Team



Upcoming Events

download a free teaching resource

CES EduPack users: ‘What’s New?’ online training with Prof Mike Ashby

Any educator already using CES EduPack can join us TOMORROW for our regular monthly online training. Prof. Mike Ashby and Hannah Melia will be demonstrating the new features in CES EduPack 2015. If you are already registered for the series, you will have received details earlier this week. But it’s not too late to sign up!

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Open web seminars introducing CES EduPack 2015

For anyone wanting more information on CES EduPack, we are holding a pair of public webinars focused on the new release. The first, on Thursday, February 12, will show how CES EduPack 2015 supports real-world teaching, providing the information and tools to give students a practical understanding of the world of materials.

Teaching real-world Engineering using CES EduPack webinar >

On Thursday, February 19 we will hold a webinar of particular interest to anyone using an older version of CES EduPack under a perpetual license. We will cover advances in recent releases and describe the wider network of communities and resources that you could access by ensuring that you have an up-to-date, maintained license.

Keeping up-to-date with CES EduPack webinar >

2. Teaching Materials with CES EduPack

National Educators Workshop

A new white paper, Teaching Materials with CES EduPack covers the use of CES EduPack resources in lectures, self-study, and project work (e.g., for Capstone Design), as well as detailing how CES EduPack can support course accreditation. There’s lots of ideas and examples for materials educators. For the next two weeks, you can download a free copy. Follow the link below to submit your details and a download link will be emailed to you.

Download the FREE white paper >

We will also be publishing excerpts from the paper on the Granta Design blog. The first instalment, describing how CES EduPack can support self-study, is online now.

Read more on the Granta blog >

3. Materials Education Symposia: Report, and Upcoming Events

National Educators Workshop

Report from Singapore

The 1st Asian Materials Education Symposium, held at the National University of Singapore in November 2014, was a great success. Feedback from attendees was very positive, and the presentations reflected a broad range of materials education interests. A second Symposium is planned for 2016. An illustrated report from the Symposium is now online.

Read the full Symposium report online >

North American and International Materials Education Symposia

The full programs for both the North American and International Education Symposia are now available online, but there's still time to submit abstracts for posters, with a deadline of February 28.

Last year's attendees found “new innovations for materials education”, saw “how other people address the issue of teaching engineering”, and learned about “teaching sustainable design and critical materials”. Submit your poster abstract today to get involved.

6th North American
Materials Education Symposium

The Ohio State University,
March 26-27, 2015
  7th International
Materials Education Symposium

University of Cambridge, UK,
April 9-10, 2015

Poster abstract deadline: February 28

See the program, submit a poster abstract, register >

CES EduPack Short Courses

Scheduled to coincide with the Materials Education Symposia, Granta's CES EduPack Short Courses provide training in using the CES EduPack software for teaching. Led by Professor Mike Ashby, the courses provide an excellent opportunity for an in-depth, hands on learning experience. The courses are split between Introductory and Advanced sessions, letting new users and experienced ones alike benefit from this opportunity. You can find out more about the Short Courses on the Materials Education Website.

Find out more about CES EduPack Short Courses >

4. Educating about Sustainability

Webinar - How to include Sustainable Design in materials education

National Educators Workshop

Sustainablity is a topic of increasing concern and interest for materials and engineering education, adding a further layer of complexity to already nuanced subjects.

Join us on Wednesday, February 18 for a webinar demonstrating how the CES EduPack Sustainable Development Edition, enhanced in CES EduPack 2015, can support a systems approach to sustainable thinking, integrating tools for assessing sustainability—considering the use of materials in their full environmental, economic, social, and Geoeconomic contexts. The webinar will show how you can help students develop the skills necessary to take different stakeholder perspectives into account and understand the inevitable trade-offs inherent in design.

Register for the webinar >

New Sustainability features in CES EduPack 2015

Last year we introduced the Sustainable Development Edition, providing a comprehensive set of resources for teaching sustainability. CES EduPack 2015 offers a number of enhancements, including:

  • Cost in Eco Audit: the Enhanced Eco Audit Tool can now calculate economic cost as well as environmental impacts. This enables deeper consideration of the balance between eco impact and practical constraints, illuminating systemic design considerations, e.g., variations in global manufacturing costs.
  • Critical Materials: updates mean that it is easier to fully explore the geoeconomic, political, and economic reasons why certain materials (such as the rare earths) have 'critical' status.
  • New Teaching Resources: a number of real-world case studies are now available via the Teaching Resources Website to support active learning and workshops.


Materials and Sustainable Development Textbook

Professor Mike Ashby's latest book, ‘Materials and Sustainable Development’, brings together the materials and environmental, regulatory, social, and economic aspects of sustainable developments, providing a methodological tool-set and examples of how to use them.

More information on the Elsevier website >

5. Granta Training Around the World

Granta support excellence in Engineering Education

CES EduPack hands-on training

Supporting educators around the world, Granta's Education Team are available to conduct training wherever it's requested. The team have recently conducted training sessions in Russia, Denmark, and Belgium, offering tips on how to best use Granta's education resources, as well as demonstrations of the CES EduPack software and opportunities for hands-on learning. Feedback from these sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees describing the courses as "very interesting", "inspiring", and "very easy to understand".

If you would be interested in organising a training session, please get in touch.

Contact us to find out about training >

6. Meet us at the TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition

TMS 2015, March 15-19, Orlando, FL

Granta’s Education Team looks forward to meeting with the engineering education community again at this year’s TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Granta's Dr Claes Fredriksson will be speaking during the Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources Symposium on Wednesday, March 18, giving a presentation entitled 'An Interactive and Visual Tool for Sustainable use of Materials in Engineering Design'.

Find out more about Granta at TMS  >

7. Meet the Team

The Granta Education Team

Our Education Team reflects a global community of educators, with a diverse and talented assortment of materials experts, engineers, educators, and support staff from around the world. Take a look at the newly updated 'Meet the Team' page to find out more about the people who support our materials education mission.

Meet the Team Online >

P.S. If you're based in North America, you can keep track of opportunities to meet Granta on our North American page.

View Granta's North American resources >

8. Upcoming events

Meet us at this Spring's events, conferences, workshops and webinars:


5           CES EduPack Training: What's New in CES EduPack 2015?, online

12         Webinar: Teaching real-world engineering using CES EduPack, online

18         Webinar: Systems teaching approach for Sustainable Development, online

19         Keeping up-to-date with CES EduPack, online


5           CES EduPack Training: Getting Started with CES EduPack 2015, online

11         Webinar: Enseigner au Lycee avec CES Edupack, online

15-19   TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Orlando, Fl, USA

26-27   6th North American Materials Education Symposium, OH, USA


9-10     7th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK

28-30   Materials Week, Madrid, Spain


9-12     EESD, Vancouver, Canada

14-17  ASEE Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, USA

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