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The latest on materials education

CES EduPack Bulletin

January 2012

Quarterly materials education update from Granta Design


1: CES EduPack 2012 now available! Top

CES EduPack 2012 has new data, new analysis features, and great improvements to usability, based on the feedback of educators and students. In particular, the latest version can support:
  • Teaching sustainability and eco-aware design—New graphical comparison capabilities in the widely-used Eco Audit Tool make it easy to dynamically explore environmental impact in 'what if' design scenarios (see tips). Enhancements to the underlying environmental data are complemented by increased interactivity and usability.
  • Introductory level courses—CES EduPack 2012 has new software features and updated data that help with introductory teaching. For example, a new 'first used' attribute helps students to explore how materials have developed through the ages (see tips).
  CES EduPack 2012 has new data, new analysis features, and great improvements to usability, based on the feedback of educators and students.

  • Advanced Teaching—Updated data is now available in areas including Polymers, Aerospace, and Sustainability.
  • Teaching courses related to energy/power generation—New information on energy storage systems helps students to quantitatively explore the economic, environmental, and resource-based viability of different energy storage technologies (download the white paper below).

If you are a CES EduPack user with a current maintenance agreement you will receive your copy of CES EduPack 2012 in April.

Read about 'What's New' online 

'What's New' web seminar with Prof. Ashby (Feb 29) 

The Teaching Resource website

The teaching resources website has been updated, with new white papers, Powerpoints, and Getting Started Guides in several languages. Many are available as open access resources; others can be downloaded by the CES EduPack community to support their teaching.

Visit the Teaching Resources website 

2: 'Materials for Energy Storage Systems' download Top

For two weeks only: download Prof. Ashby's latest White Paper

Updates to the Low Carbon Power Edition of CES EduPack this year include a new data table on energy storage systems. Records provide a description of the storage system and key features such as capital, area, and resource intensity, operational costs, and efficiency. Combined with the powerful graphing tools in CES EduPack, thissupports the teaching of sustainability and energy-related courses.

For two weeks only, download your complimentary copy of the new white paper which accompanies this edition, demonstrating how students can explore the options for energy storage systems in a rational and quantitative manner.

  To support students as they learn about these systems, the new records in CES EduPack provide diagrams and descriptions of these technologies, together with details about the materials they use, their efficency, and other resource demands.

More details 

3: 2012 Materials Education Symposia Top

Two months until the Materials Education Symposia. Space is limited: reserve your place now!

The latest event news includes confirmation of St. John's College, Cambridge, as the venue for the International Symposium dinner, Dr. Cyrus Wadia, Assistant Director of Clean Energy and Materials R&D at The White House, as a speaker at the International Symposium, and the addition of new workshop sessions in North America.

The full program for these two key events for materials educators (being held at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, and the University of Cambridge, UK)  is available online, describing two days of talks and extended poster sessions in which presenters will outline successful approaches to materials-related teaching across a broad range of engineering, design, and science disciplines. Discussion sessions, networking, and a social program all provide interactivity, with plenty of opportunities to meet people and exchange ideas

  Two months until the Materials Education Symposia. Space is limited: reserve your place now!

The first poster session at each event is now full, but there is still time to submit a poster for the second day—the deadline is February 15.

The Symposia are supported by ASM International, the ASEE Materials Division, California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo), FEMS, Granta Design, SEFI, TMS, and University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and Department of Materials and Metallurgy.

Dates Event Venue
Mar 29-30, 2012 3rd North American Symposium Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA
Apr 12-13, 2012 4th International Education Symposium University of Cambridge, UK


4: Short courses with Prof. Mike Ashby Top

Short courses put CES EduPack into practice, supporting your existing materials teaching

Prof. Mike Ashby will be leading two short courses alongside the Materials Education Symposia in March and April. Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing are all welcome to take part, working through a series of units each including a short lecture, a software demonstration, discussion time, and a "hands-on session" during which attendees can use the latest CES EduPack software.

  Professor Mike Ashby leading last year's North American short course

Short course Dates Venue More details
Mar 27-28, 2012 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA North American short course
Apr 10-11, 2012 Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge, UK
International short course

The short courses immediately precede the Materials Education Symposia. There will also be a development meeting, enabling you to help guide development of CES EduPack 2013, following each Symposia.

More details on the Symposia website 

5: Web seminars Top

Join Granta's education team at these upcoming web seminars

Date(s) Web seminar More Details
Feb 1 CES EduPack – Nouveautés 2012 French-language web seminar looking at What's New in CES EduPack 2012
Feb 2 Introduction au CES EduPack French-language web seminar aimed at those new to CES EduPack
Feb 16 Introduction to CES EduPack English-language web seminar aimed at those new to CES EduPack
Feb 22 Leichtbau German-language web seminar discussing teaching and research on Lightweight Design
Feb 28 Systematische Werkstoffauswahl und Werkstoffsubstitution German-language web seminar looking at systematic material selection and substitution
Feb 29 What's New in CES EduPack 2012 English-language web seminar for those familiar with CES EduPack,
presented by Prof. Mike Ashby
Mar 7 Neuentwicklungen in 2012 German-language web seminar looking at what's new in 2012 for CES EduPack and CES Selector
Mar 8 Low Carbon Power English-language web seminar introducing the Low Carbon Power Edition

The community events page on the Granta website contains links to all these events, and is regularly updated with information about other conferences and web seminars:

Community Events page  

6: Tips Top

Here are this edition's tips to help you make more of your CES EduPack software and teaching resources.

Using favorites to create a custom subset
Favorites can be used to help highlight relevant materials, create custom subsets, and to share relevant materials with other EduPack users. In this example, we use favorites to help explore the impact of strengthening mechanisms on pure aluminum.
Tracing the history of materials
The new 'date first used' attribute, together with CES EduPack's powerful graphical charting tools, make it easy to produce a sequence of charts which trace how materials have expanded through materials property space over time.
Dynamic eco comparison
The Eco Audit Tool in CES EduPack 2012 makes it even easier to explore 'what if' scenarios with the new, dynamically generated, eco summary chart. Compare multiple projects on one chart, and graphically track % change in first-life energy and CO2 impact.

Get the tips  

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