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November 2012

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1: Take our survey Top

Teach materials? We want to hear from you...

Granta's Teaching Resources team are running a survey to find out more about the Materials Education Community so that we can make sure we provide teaching resources that are useful to you. We are sending a print-quality PDF copy of Mike Ashby's Materials Durability poster to all those that help us with this short (ten question) survey.
If you haven't already completed it, we'd love to hear from you today!

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2: Latest Teaching Resources Top

Download the new white paper on using CES EduPack with science-led courses:
for two weeks only!

The Granta Teaching Resource Website supports the teaching of engineering, design, and science subjects across all levels of study. Recent additions include a new white paper that outlines ways in which educators use CES EduPack alongside science-led materials courses, such as those which use William D. Callister's 'Materials Science and Engineering' textbook. The new white paper offers numerous examples of how CES EduPack can be used to illustrate the concepts presented in such textbooks. You can also download the project files used to create the figures in this paper, so you can adapt them for your teaching. In this edition's tips, you can see step-by-step instructions on how to recreate one such figure (looking at the effect of carbon content on material properties).

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Latest updates to resources shared within the Materials Education community

The website also provides new translations of many of the CES EduPack PowerPoint lecture units, and new units  for Aerospace and Polymer courses. These are designed to accompany the Advanced Editions of CES EduPack, offering resources which you can use when teaching about such materials. For example, the top graph (right), taken from the Aerospace slides, demonstrates how sandwich panels, in this case with Aluminium 6061 T4 face sheets and PVC foam core, can show significant improvement over conventional materials in automotive and aerospace applications.

As we continue to work with the community of educators using CES EduPack around the world, we are delighted to be able to share an increasing number of resources which you have developed to support your teaching. If you have a good idea or data source that you would like to share with other materials educators please submit these using the 'Submit Feature Request' button in CES EduPack. You could even find your resources featuring in the next CES EduPack Bulletin's tips!

Teaching Resources Website 

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Stay up to date with the latest teaching resources

To keep up to date on the latest teaching resources why not sign up for the Teaching Resource Highlights newsletter—a short e-mail that highlights recent additions or enhancements?

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3: 2013 Materials Education Symposia Top

Passionate about Materials Education? Want to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas?

After five successful years, the Materials Education Symposia are probably the biggest meetings of Materials Educators in the world. Next Spring, join two days of talks, discussion sessions, networking, poster sessions, and a social program with plenty of opportunities to meet people and exchange ideas.

Read the reports from 2012 

Sign up now to be part of next year's events. Early-bird registration runs until December 16

  Poster session from the 2012 Materials Education Symposium at Cambridge University
The Advisory Committee have been impressed by the abstract submissions for the main presentations, and will be announcing the speaker program next month. They are now accepting poster abstracts from those who wish to describe their approaches to university-level materials education across science, engineering, and design. All speakers, session chairs, and poster presenters will be invited to attend a pre-Symposia presenters' dinner.

Call for poster abstracts 
  Call for Abstracts

Dates Event Venue
March 14-15 4th North American Symposium Philadelphia University, PA
April 4-5 5th International Education Symposium University of Cambridge, UK

The Symposia are being coordinated by Granta Design with the support of ASM International, ASEE Materials Division, Philadelphia University, University of Cambridge, SEFI, and FEMS.

Presentations at the (left)  4th International and (right) 3rd North American Materials Education Symposia

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4: On the blog... Top

November's Material of the Month: PMMA

Blog   On the blog this month, read the surprising history of how PMMA came to be used for intraocular lens replacement in our latest Material of the Month posting. The medical theme will continue later this month when Granta's Dr Sarah Egan, Medical Product Manager, will be blogging about the material properties of bone.

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5: CES EduPack Web Seminar Series Top

Materials selection for eco-aware lightweight design (Wednesday, November 28)

At next week's CES EduPack web seminar, Dr. Arlindo Silva, Senior Materials Education Consultant for Mechanical Engineering and Design at Granta, will be exploring how best to choose materials for lightweight design in an automotive application. See CES EduPack's material selection tools and the Eco Audit Tool and discuss their use in materials teaching.   Join this webseminar to hear about Materials selection for eco aware lightweight design (Wednesday, November 28)

For this web seminar only, all registrants will receive access to the recording afterwards. When you join us live, you will also be able to put your questions to Arlindo following this short (45 minute) presentation.

More details and registration 

French language web seminars (December 5 & 6)

French-speakers are welcome to take part in French-language broadcasts of this Fall's web seminar series:

  • December 5: '10 choses à faire avec CES EduPack'
  • December 6: 'Allègement de Produits et Eco-Conception'

Lire la suite en français 

6: Events Top

Talking material properties and discussing teaching materials in the 21st Century...

This Fall, Granta's education team have been busy taking part in conferences across the Globe. At MS&T, we invited people to 'do something silly' and join us in playing with Silly Putty. As we bounced and stretched a 5lb block of that strange viscoelastic material (pictured), we did something not-so-silly and discussed teaching about material properties.

The challenges of teaching materials in the 21st  century have been a key theme at several other conferences recently, including the World Engineering Education Forum in Argentina, the "Journées Annuelles" of the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials in France (SF2M), and the National Educators Workshop in Indiana.
At MS&T, we invited people to do something silly and join us in playing with Silly Putty. This started plenty of not-so-silly conversations about teaching  material properties.

The community events page on the Granta website is regularly updated with information about other events, conferences, and web seminars, like next week's MRS Fall Meeting in Boston (November 25-28). If you're going along to an event we're at, please come and find us, and tell us more about how you are teaching materials in the 21st century!

Community Events page 

7: Tips Top

In each edition, we offer tips to support your materials teaching with CES EduPack. This month:

TIP 1. How to visualize the effect of carbon content on yield strength and elongation

TIP 2. Accessing alternative databases

TIP 3. A training exercise in CES EduPack: creating a map of the world!

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8: CES EduPack Short Courses Top

Short courses put CES EduPack into practice, supporting your existing materials teaching


Participants at the 2012 CES EduPack Short Course, held at Cambridge University  

Prof. Mike Ashby will again be leading two short courses alongside the Materials Education Symposia in March and April. These will introduce and demonstrate the use of CES EduPack, with a particular focus on "Materials and the Environment". Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing are all welcome to take part, working through a series of units each including a short lecture, a software demonstration, discussion time, and a "hands-on session" during which attendees can use the latest CES EduPack software. Granta's annual update to CES EduPack will be available early in 2013; join a course to try out the new software features, information, and teaching resources which it will offer.

Short course Dates Venue More details
March 12-13 Philadelphia University, PA North American short course
April 2-3 University of Cambridge, UK International short course

The short courses immediately precede the Materials Education Symposia being held in Philadelphia (PA) and Cambridge (UK). Following each Symposia, there will also be a development meeting, enabling you to help guide development of CES EduPack 2014. (Look out for the 2013 version in the New Year!)

More details on the Symposia website 

9: Careers Top

Granta Design is recruiting!

Granta is growing as more universities use CES EduPack and more companies use our materials information software for industry. We currently have job opportunities for bright, enthusiastic, committed people with a background in science or engineering. We're looking for students graduating from bachelor, masters, or PhD degrees, as well as for people with more experience of university teaching or industry. Please pass the message along to students or colleagues who might be interested! See our jobs page for more information.

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