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November 2015

Supporting Environmental Design, Circularity and Sustainable Development

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Major corporations are driving the development of tools to screen out materials with a supply chain risk, to ensure that the materials they select are not subject to restrictions in emerging legislation, and to make the next generation of materials systems sustainable. For example, Granta is working with members of the EMIT Consortium including Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Emerson Electric, and Airbus Helicopters. This group was formed to improve the response of product development to restricted substance regulations and corporate environmental objectives.

Granta is also supporting universities with teaching resources in the areas of Environmental Design, Circularity and Sustainable Development.

Prof Mike Ashby is running a one-day workshop on Materials, Eco Design and Sustainable Development on December 11. It will focus on Granta's tools, data and methodology to support teaching in these areas. The workshop will combine presentations with hands-on group activities.

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You can also download a copy of the Materials and Sustainable Development wall chart. And you can read the latest blog by Granta's Hannah Melia on Engaging students in Eco Design through project-based teaching, in which she highlights how CES EduPack can help materials educators and students across engineering, design, and scientific degree courses.

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  In this issue:


Environmental Design and Sustainabilty: Support for educators



Materials Education Symposia: Speakers and details announced



Engaging engineers and inspiring students: Sign up for webinar



Workshops in early 2016: Get more details



Open development:
Send us your ideas



CES EduPack 2016: New features on the way



Supporting materials research and advanced teaching



CES EduPack training: Monthly online sessions



Upcoming Events: Conferences, webinars and more


2. Materials Education Symposia – speakers and details announced

Early-bird registration deadline: December 31

UC Berkeley, Cambridge UniversitySpeakers have been confirmed for the biggest gatherings of people who care about materials education. The North American Materials Education Symposium will be held at UC Berkeley, on March 17-18, followed by the International Materials Education Symposium in Cambridge on April 7-8.

Speakers include Prof Sir Harry Bhadeshia (Cambridge), Prof Jennifer Dionne (Stanford), Prof David Dornfeld (UC Berkeley), Dr John Dunlop (Max Planck), Prof Stanley Howard (South Dakota), Dr Sylvia Johnson (NASA Ames), Prof Mark Miodownik (UCL), Prof James Shackelford (UC Davis), Dr Cyrus Wadia (Nike, formerly of the White House Office for Science and Technology), Prof Steven Yalisove (Michigan), and Prof Sybrand van der Zwaag (TU Delft).

The presentations will reflect the themes for this year’s Symposia, which include:

  • Engaging Student Interest
  • Engagement with Industry—is it worth the effort?
  • Introducing Biomaterials into Materials (engineering) teaching
  • Sustainability in Design

Each two-day Symposium will be preceded by an optional short course, suitable for anyone who is new to CES EduPack or wants a refresher on its use. The Cambridge event will also feature an advanced course and workshops.

There is still time to submit abstracts for posters for the two Spring Symposia, with a deadline of January 31. The overall theme for 2016 is Teaching Materials and Engineering Design. We recommend that you reserve your place before the early-bird registration deadline on December 31. Full details are on the Symposia website.

Visit Symposia website for details >

3. Engaging engineers and inspiring students

Innovative products to inspire designers and engineersSurveys of materials educators at undergraduate level show consistently that their primary concern is engaging students in the subject. Engaged students learn more and are more enjoyable to teach. So how can we engage these students in learning about materials? Two key considerations are appealing to their sense of curiosity, and showing them the value of gaining knowledge.

The new CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database will help to engage and inspire students – it will be available in January on the Teaching Resources Website.

Prof Mike Ashby will introduce the new database on December 9 as part of the monthly web-based training for educators using CES EduPack. Anyone can register for an open webinar on December 10, 'Inspiring Designers and Engaging Engineers with Products and Materials', to get a sneak peek at the new database and have your questions answered.

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4. Workshops in early 2016

Innovative Products to inspire designers and engineersFollowing a successful workshop in Sheffield earlier this year, and in addition to the Cambridge workshop described in item 1 above, we are running a similar event on January 11, ‘Teaching Materials: Properties, Selection and Eco Design’, at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Delft.

Join this one-day workshop for inspirational ideas and teaching resources that will help you to engage students in learning about materials, their use in engineering applications, and their relevance for life-cycle thinking and eco-design. The course is ideal for those who are new to CES EduPack or seeking a refresher on its use. It is also an opportunity to meet colleagues who teach materials at other universities and exchange ideas.

Register for Inholland workshop (Jan 11) >

We are running a number of other workshops in Spring 2016, including at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Nashville, USA. The workshop, 'Explore CES Software Tools for Materials Related Critical Decision-Making in Industry, Research and Education', is on February 14.

Register for TMS workshop (Feb 14) >

See the Education Events Calendar for details of all our courses and workshops.

5. Open development of materials teaching resources

Lots of engineering educators use product disassembly as a way to help students explore the link between materials, properties, processes and shape. We are creating some resources to support this method and we would welcome your input. What are your favorite products to disassemble and what do they help you to illustrate? Email the development team to let us know.

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6. CES EduPack 2016 – new features on the way soon

Enhanced chartingEduPack 2016 is due for release in January with new features and enhancements, including:

  • Chart annotations including trade-off curves and display lines – for clearer explanations in lectures and reports
  • Data to support real case studies – including automotive composites, high-performance polymers and updated reference databases
  • Supporting students’ independent learning – Material properties explanations with questions and answers
  • Updates to the Process Universe to streamline selection and engage students with images

We will have full details in our next bulletin.

7. Supporting materials research and advanced teaching

The new CES Selector 2016 has been distributed to the Universities and Research Centers that use it for advanced teaching and research. Educators involved in advanced materials teaching may be interested in a webinar on Dec 8 on how CES Selector and its integrated Eco Audit Tool is helping engineers in industry to reduce the environmental impact of a product over its entire life cycle.

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Granta recently launched GRANTA MI:Collaborate™, a cost-effective, easily accessible package for managing and pooling materials and process data within multi-partner collaborative R&D projects. It can help you to get greater value from your project data and to demonstrate value retention for funding agencies.

See more on MI:Collaborate >

8. CES EduPack online training

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for free, web-based training for educators using CES EduPack. Topics for the next three sessions are:

  • Dec 9: Engaging Engineers and Inspiring Designers
  • Jan 13: Getting started with CES EduPack
  • Feb 10: What’s New in CES EduPack 2016

If you are an educator using CES EduPack and have not already signed up for this series, please register to receive your individual ID and password in advance of each session.

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9. Upcoming workshops, events and webinars

Talking to you helps us to develop CES EduPack in a way that supports your teaching. You can meet us at these upcoming events, conferences, and workshops, as well as registering for our webinars.


  30-2 Dec Global Engineering Deans Council, Adelaide, Australia


  10 Webinar: Inspiring Designers and Engaging Engineers with Products and Materials
  11 CES EduPack Workshop: Materials, Eco Design and Sustainable Development, Cambridge, UK
  16 Webinar: Teaching Bio Engineering concepts to Engineering students using CES EduPack
  16 Workshop: Compare materials, visualise their advantages and make smart materials decisions, Madrid, Spain


  11 CES EduPack Workshop: Teaching Materials: Properties, Selection and Eco Designs, Delft, The Netherlands


  14 Workshop: Explore CES Software Tools for Materials Related Critical Decision-Making in Industry, Research and Education, Nashville, TN, USA
  14-18 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Nashville, TN, USA


  17-18 7th North American Materials Education Symposium, UC Berkeley, USA


  7-8 8th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK

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