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Fall 2013

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1: Tools to help start the new academic year well Top

CES EduPack—interdisciplinary teaching resources for undergraduate materials education

Granta’s teaching resources are a curriculum-wide resource at many universities worldwide, supporting programs across engineering, science, processing, and design. CES EduPack provides program directors, lecturers, and professors with comprehensive materials and process information, powerful materials software tools, and a range of supporting textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises with broad relevance. This wide coverage is enhanced with targeted editions for specific disciplines and three levels to suit varying needs in all years of undergraduate study.

Join today’s webinar on interdisciplinary teaching 

At today’s webinar, Dr. Ron Kander (Philadelphia University) will share his experiences of interdisciplinary teaching at Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce. He will draw on the successful merger of the School of Design, the School of Engineering, and School of Business into one college with a common core curriculum. Hear discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of having a diverse mix of disciplines in the same classroom. And see examples of teaching techniques that work—as well as hearing about those that didn’t!

Read about other upcoming webinars 
  On Thursday September 5, join Dr Ron Kander as he shares his experiences of interdisciplinary teaching at Philadelphia University's Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.

CES Selector—expert tools for Capstone design courses, industrial projects, and research

Teaching engineering is about more than passing on scientific knowledge. It should also equip students for the real world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges found in industrial and research projects. So industry-standard tools, such as CES Selector (soon to be updated with the new 2014 version), are increasingly used by universities for advanced teaching, e.g., in Capstone design projects. There are sufficient similarities between the CES EduPack software and CES Selector that students can make a smooth transition to this industry-focused tool. But, where CES EduPack incorporates teaching material designed to encourage in-depth learning, CES Selector focuses on enabling materials experts to find and apply materials property data to make the right material choices. To find out more, join our webinar on Oct 22 to see case studies relevant to both commercial research and advanced teaching.

Webinar details and registration (Oct 22) 

2:  Meet us at international conferences Top

Join discussions on materials education

Granta’s education team look forward to meeting with the engineering education community at upcoming events. Next week, Granta's Education Division Director Marc Fry is co-chairing the Symposium on Education, Strategy, and Technology Transfer at EuroMat 2013 together with Prof. Mike Ashby (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Arlindo Silva (TU Lisbon). At the SEFI Annual Conference, sustainability is likely to prove a hot topic, with Prof. Ashby’s keynote presentation on introducing ideas of sustainable development to students of engineering.

Read Prof. Ashby's abstract for SEFI (Sep 16-20) 

Members of Granta's growing Education Team will attend the following conferences to discuss best practices in materials education and gather feedback on exciting projects currently under development. If you would like to meet with us to discuss materials education topics, find out more about CES EduPack, or discuss the annual Materials Education Symposia that Granta helps to coordinate, then please contact us.

Date (s) Event Venue
Sep 8-13 EuroMat 2013 Sevilla, Spain
Sep 16-20 SEFI Annual Conference Leuven, Belgium
Sep 22-25 EESD13 — Rethinking the Engineer Cambridge, UK
Oct 20-22 Global Engineering Deans Council Chicago, IL, US
Oct 29-30 Materials Science & Technology 2013 (MS&T'13) Montreal, Canada
Nov 20-22 Educatec Paris, France

Full details on upcoming events 

3: Upcoming webinars Top

See latest resources & get new ideas from international guest speakers

Join members of Granta’s Education Team and guest speakers from universities around the world to hear practical examples of how the latest teaching resources can support undergraduate and advanced materials education across science, design, and engineering.

Date Title More details
Sep 5 Interdisciplinary teaching across engineering courses and departments Dr. Ron Kander (Philadelphia University) will share his experiences of interdisciplinary teaching in the newly merged Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.
Oct 22 Capstone Design and Industrial Projects: using CES  Selector Dr. Charlie Bream (Granta) will demonstrate resources that can be used alongside advanced courses.
Oct 23 Steel is not just steel! Teaching tips from Dr. John Nychka
(University of Alberta)
Oct 24 Selecting Materials for Transportation Applications Automotive and aerospace case studies using CES EduPack with Dr. Arlindo Silva
(IST Lisbon)

Full details on our website 

Training webinars for universities already using CES EduPack

Granta’s Education Team run regular training webinars designed to help you familiarize yourself with CES EduPack and apply it productively to courses as quickly as possible. If you think your university should be included in the training activities please contact us or sign up using the links below.

Date Title More details
Sep 26 Getting Started
with CES EduPack
For professors and lecturers with a current CES EduPack license: explore CES EduPack’s basic functionality; hear ideas for projects; and learn where you can find ready-made teaching resources and video tutorials for your students.
First and third
Thursdays of
every month
CES EduPack Web Training These sessions are particularly designed for participants in Granta’s campus license program, introducing the different CES EduPack editions, and demonstrating how to search and apply material and process information.

4: 2014 Materials Education Symposia Top

Advisory Committee issue call for abstracts (deadline October 15)

Now in their 6th year, the Materials Education Symposia are established as, in the words of one attendee, "the main forum for discussion of education issues in engineering materials".

Over 200 representatives from 33 countries gathered in 2013 at these key events for those teaching undergraduates about materials within engineering, design, architecture, sustainability, and other science subjects. Visit the event website to read reports and see speaker programs from 2013 here.
  Discussion session at the 2011 Symposium held at Cambridge University

The advisory committee have now issued a call for abstracts for the 2014 events:

Call for abstracts 

Event details Abstract
Early bird
5th North American Materials Education Symposium
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mar 20-21, 2014
Oct 15, 2013 Dec 31, 2013
6th International Materials Education Symposium
University of Cambridge, UK, Apr 10-11, 2014
Oct 15, 2013 Dec 31, 2013
1st Asian Materials Education Symposium
National University of Singapore, Dec 11-12, 2014
May 31, 2014 To be confirmed


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