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Fall 2014
Resources to help start the new academic year well

1. CES EduPack—using interactive materials resources to engage students

Choose from 2 online EduPack sessions on Oct 2

Granta’s teaching resources provide a curriculum-wide resource at many universities worldwide, supporting programs across engineering, science, processing, and design.

  1. If you don't yet have access to these resources, join a web seminar on Thursday, October 2 to find out more. Whether you're teaching a new course, or just want to find new ways to engage your students, join Prof. Ashby (Emeritus Professor, Cambridge University Engineering Department, and Granta co-founder) together with Marc Fry (Director of the Granta Education Division) as they share why nearly 1,000 universities and colleges are using CES EduPack to support their materials-related teaching. The webinar will demonstrate the power of highly visual teaching, explore how sustainability can be introduced into materials-related courses, and provide examples of project work and case studies that introduce real-world materials challenges alongside material selection concepts.
  2. Looking to get started with CES EduPack this Semester? If you already have access to CES EduPack, join Mike Ashby's interactive online training session (also on Thursday, October 2). Next week's session will be a unique extended session of our regular monthly online training. To benefit fully, you will need to have CES EduPack installed on your own computer, ready to use in real time. Follow along with the step-by-step exercises, and share in the discussions.
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  In this issue:


Start the new academic year well: interactive online sessions with Prof. Mike Ashby (Oct 2)



New CES Selector 2015: advanced teaching & research; webinar (Oct 30); download offer



Materials Education Symposia: speakers announced for Asia 2014; call for abstracts for Spring 2015



Events: talking material properties and how to engage students



Short courses: putting CES EduPack into practice


On the blog: straw—an under-appreciated material?

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2. New CES Selector 2015 for advanced teaching and research

Find, explore, and apply materials property information; webinar on October 30

This month sees the launch of the new CES Selector 2015, for research, advanced teaching, and industry. While CES EduPack incorporates teaching material designed to encourage in-depth learning, CES Selector focuses on enabling materials experts to find, explore, and apply materials property data to make the right material choices, focusing research in fruitful areas, or to illustrate the benefits of new materials. Together with CES Constructor, this allows researchers to store, compare, visualize, and use their materials information, alongside reference data.

The new release offers: a new tool making it faster and easier to specify engineering requirements during materials selection; enhanced export of material property information for use in FEA; new and extended data to support metals equivalency studies; and improved coverage of plastics, medical materials, and composites. For those concerned about environmental and supply risk, additional resources include enhanced traceability of environmental data and new data on critical materials and related risk factors.   Solving real-life engineering problems

Join our webinar on Oct 30 to see how such powerful graphical analysis tools and industrial data can support students in lab work and industrial design projects. You will also discover how CES Selector is used in research to select materials and processes, compare research data to reference data, and present data in a compelling way.

Find out more and register for the webinar (Oct 30) >

Teaching Resources download offer for Bulletin readers: medical materials selection

To support educators using CES EduPack and CES Selector, more than 300 Materials Education teaching resources are available on Granta's Teaching Resource Website.

Until the end of October, we are offering a free download of a PowerPoint describing a CES Selector case study. This can be used to illustrate the use of a selection methodology to minimize cost and volume, in this case for a medical device application. A video demonstration is also available.

Access this resource for free during October >

Explore the Teaching Resources Website >
  Download the resources:CES Selector - Rational Material Selection for a Medical Forceps

3. Materials Education Symposia

The Materials Education Symposia are open to all educators teaching undergraduates about materials within engineering, design, architecture, sustainability, and other science subjects. In the words of one attendee, they provide "the main forum for discussion of education issues in engineering materials".

Key events for materials educators in undergraduate engineering, design, and science

1st Asian Materials Education Symposium—speakers; early-bird deadline Sep 30

Later this year (December 11-12, 2014), the first Asian Materials Education Symposium will be held at the National University of Singapore.  Confirmed speakers include Prof. Mike Ashby (Cambridge University, UK), Prof. Freddy Boey (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Prof. Peter Goodhew (Universities of Liverpool and Derby, UK ), Prof. Srinivasa Ranganathan (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India), Prof. Shih Choon Fong (National University of Singapore), and Prof. Kristin Wood (Singapore, University of Technology and Design). The key theme for the 2014 event is "materials and sustainable development education".

Register before September 30 for early-bird rates >

North American and International Materials Education Symposia—call for abstracts

The Advisory Committee have issued a call for abstracts for the Spring 2015 Materials Education Symposia, closing on October 15. The main theme for 2015 will be "innovation, computation, simulation, and visualization in materials-related education".

Last year's events drew both educators (teaching materials-related courses across the disciplines, including material science, engineering, sustainability, or design), and representatives from industry. They came “looking for new innovations for materials education”, “to see how other people address the issue of teaching engineering”, and to find out more about “teaching sustainable design and critical materials”. Submit your abstract today to get involved.

6th North American
Materials Education Symposium

Ohio State University,
March 26-27, 2015
  7th International
Materials Education Symposium

University of Cambridge, UK,
April 9-10, 2015

Abstract Deadline: October 15;   Early-bird registration ends: December 15

Visit to submit your abstract >

Online open meeting: Why join the 2015 Materials Education Symposia? (Dec 2)

Later this year, anyone interested in attending the events can also join an online open meeting to hear more about the Symposia and put questions to members of the Advisory Committee, including Mike Ashby (Chair), and the organization team.

Join the online open meeting (Dec 2) >

4. Events: talking material properties & how to engage students

This Fall, Granta's Education Team are busy taking part in conferences around the world. Earlier this month we were at two conferences in the UK: the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) Conference in Birmingham and the International Symposium for Engineering Education (ISEE) in Manchester. Hot topics included "flipping the classroom", delivering instruction outside of class, perhaps online, and holding interactive group discussions and other learning activities during class. Many commented on the importance of engaging students visually as well as with facts; an area where Granta's graphical charting capabilities and interactive material datasheets have proved particularly useful. Similar challenges were also addressed by Prof. Mike Ashby in an article on "Why is Materials Education important?" on p.16 of the SEFI annual report.

Download the SEFI annual report via our website >

Over the coming months, we’ll be running workshops at both the 5th International Conference on Managing Differentiation in Rapidly Changing Higher Education Systems (Moscow, Russia) and Frontiers in Engineering (Madrid, Spain) as well as exhibiting at MS&T (Pittsburgh, USA) and speaking at the National Educators Workshop (Seattle, USA) and World Engineering Education Forum (Dubai, UAE). The community events page on the Granta Education Website contains links to recent and upcoming events, conferences, and web seminars. If you're going along to an event we're at, please come and find us.

Date (s) Event
Oct 12-16 Materials Science & Technology (MS&T), Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Oct 16-18 5th International Conference on Managing Differentiation in Rapidly Changing Higher Education Systems: Challenges & Opportunities, Moscow, Russia
Oct 22-25 Frontiers in Engineering, Madrid, Spain
Nov 2-4 National Educators Workshop (NEW), Seattle, WA, USA
Dec 3-6 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF), Dubai, UAE

Full details of upcoming events  >

5. Short courses: putting CES EduPack into practice

Mike Ashby will again be leading short courses alongside the Materials Education Symposia in December, March, and April. These will introduce and demonstrate the use of CES EduPack, with a particular focus on "Materials and the Environment". Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing are all welcome to take part, working through a series of units each including a short lecture, a software demonstration, discussion time, and a "hands-on session" during which attendees can use the latest CES EduPack software. Granta's annual update to CES EduPack will be available early in 2015; join a course to try out the new software features, information, and teaching resources which it will offer.

Short course dates Venue More details
December 13, 2014 National University of Singapore
March 28, 2015 Ohio State University, OH, USA
April 7 and 8, 2015 University of Cambridge, UK Read More...

Visit to find out more >

6. On the blog: Straw—an under-appreciated material?

On the blog, in the next in our series on under-appreciated materials, we ask whether 21st Century material scientists could imitate Rumpelstiltskin and spin straw into Gold—or at least something valuable...

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