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September 2015

Shackelford talk launches webinar season

Leading educator outlines '10 Things Every Engineer Should Know About Materials Science'

Shackelford talk launches webinar season
Leading educator outlines '10 Things Every Engineer Should Know About Materials Science'

More than 300 people registered for Granta's recent webinar with Prof James Shackelford to learn what the leading educator thinks are the most important topics for Introductory Materials courses. He recently delivered a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) on the topic of '10 Things Every Engineer Should Know About Materials Science' and this was reflected in the Sept 10 webinar. Among these topics were: the ‘menu’ of materials, dislocations as an explanation for plastic deformation, and stress v strain. Attendees also saw how the CES EduPack teaching resources can help to support learning on these subjects.

You can download the White Paper, jointly written with Professor Shackelford: Supporting Undergraduate Materials Science Teaching: Shackelford-based Courses and CES EduPack by following the link below.

Download the White Paper >

The webinar marked the start of a wide-ranging series of free web seminars on topics related to materials education for university-level educators. On Wednesday, October 28 Dr Louise Smith, of the University of South Australia, will speak on teaching students about Biomaterials, and on Wednesday, November 4, the renowned Cambridge University Professor Mike Ashby will talk about ‘Green design in a resource constrained world – a materials perspective’.

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  In this issue:


Webinar season launched: Prof James Shackelford opens series



Introductory Teaching:
A key theme for the new academic year



Hands-on workshop: First US CES EduPack user group meeting



Advancing the teaching of Sustainability: Survey report and workshop



Materials Education Symposia: abstract deadline



Open development: Materials teaching resources



Mapping the future of materials science



CES EduPack training



Upcoming Events


2. Introductory Teaching: a key theme for the new academic year

White PapersWith the academic year starting in many parts of the world, new ways to engage students are at the front of many educators’ minds. This is particularly true for introductory teaching of Materials, where successful courses need to quickly inspire students about the subject.

A new index on our Teaching Resources Website provides a catalog of such resources and a new, two-part Introductory Lecture Unit has been added to this list.

And you may find the following papers of interest: follow the links below to download a White Paper by Mike Ashby on 'Teaching Materials and Processes to First and Second Year Students' and a White Paper on how to use CES EduPack with the Callister book ‘Materials Science and Engineering, an Introduction’.

Download the White Paper for Ashby >
Download the White Paper for Callister >

3. CES EduPack training and user groups (next: Philadelphia)

Sheffield workshopCES EduPack is easy to use, however training sessions and workshops provide educators with a venue to discuss teaching approaches and share experiences, as well as gain an in-depth knowledge of what CES EduPack can do. In Philadelphia, PA, USA, we will be running two workshops on basic and advanced teaching. Alongside this event will be the first CES EduPack User Group Meeting for educators in the US. Join us to discuss key topics in materials teaching and have a say in future CES EduPack developments.

This event follows a successful Granta two-day training course earlier this month, hosted by the University of Sheffield, UK. Day one focused on an introduction to teaching with CES EduPack and the second day consisted of sessions on the advanced editions of CES EduPack. Feedback on the course has been very positive.

Register for the Philadelphia Workshop
or User Group Meeting >

4. Advancing the teaching of Sustainability

More than 200 educators from around the world participated in a Granta survey about teaching Sustainability to Engineering students. Asked about which themes they concentrate on in their teaching, 78% said Life-Cycle Thinking and 75% said Environmental Impact, followed by Materials Circularity (45%) and Critical Materials (41%). One key concern from the 212 educators who took part in the survey was finding suitable, authentic case studies for project-based learning. This was seen as key to engage students in the subject. As a result of the survey, Granta is looking to expand its bank of case studies to support educators.

Mike Ashby and Tatiana Vakhitova will be hosting an interactive workshop on Green Design and Sustainable Development in Cambridge, UK, on Dec 11. Participants will work through a case study as if they were students on a project-based course.

Sustainability workshop (Cambridge, Dec 11) >

5. Materials Education Symposia: abstract deadline

SymposiumTake part in the biggest gathering of people who care about materials education. You have until September 30 to submit your abstract for the 2016 Materials Education Symposia. You can either submit for the North American event (UC Berkeley, Mar 17-18) or the International event (University of Cambridge, Apr 7-8). There will also be an Asian Symposium later in the year (Singapore, Dec 8-9; deadline for abstracts March 31).
Submit your abstract now >

6. Open development of materials teaching resources

Thank you to the many people who responded to the recent Granta survey on teaching resources for Materials Science & Materials Engineering. This helps us to guide development of future resources so that they meet the needs of educators. The survey is now closed but you can still download a prototype database and give us your feedback by following the link below.

Give us your feedback >

7. Mapping the future of materials science

SF2M workshopThe SF2M workshop on Mapping the future of Materials Science in Sevres, France, on Sept 7-9 was a rich source of pointers to future needs for Materials teaching. Professor Mike Ashby gave the opening talk ‘Maps, Materials and Modelling — past, present, future’. The workshop attracted 80 participants and they discussed the continued expansion of the materials field to include topics ranging in scale from the atomic to the global. The challenge this poses for education was raised as a question for discussion at the end of the meeting, generating a number of interesting perspectives to follow up.

Visit the SF2M website to read more >

8. CES EduPack online training

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for free, web-based training for educators using CES EduPack. Topics for the next three sessions are:

  • Oct 14: Introductory Teaching Approaches
  • Nov 11: Advanced Industrial Case Studies
  • Dec 9: Engaging Engineers and Inspiring Designers

If you are an educator using CES EduPack and have not already signed up for this series, please register to receive your individual ID and password in advance of each session.

Register for training >

9. Upcoming workshops and events

Talking to you helps us to develop CES EduPack in a way that supports your teaching. You can meet us at these upcoming events, conferences, and workshops.


  4-8 Materials Science & Technology (MS&T), Columbus, OH, USA
  6-7 Rencontre solutions logiciels en Algérie, Algeria
  19-20 Sustainability Summit, Freiburg, Germany


  2-20 Disruptive Innovation Festival, Online
  5-7 Regional Conference on Engineering Education, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  6-7 CES EduPack Course and Open User Meeting, Philadelphia, USA
  18-20 Educatec, Paris, France
  30-2 Dec GEDC, Adelaide, Australia


  11 CES EduPack Workshop: Materials, Eco Design and Sustainable Development,
Cambridge, UK

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