Material Intelligence for Enterprise CAD and PLM

Arthur Fairfull, Stephen Warde, Peter Cherns
© 2016, Granta Design,

The new Business Case White PaperAn increasing number of manufacturing organizations recognize the importance of managing the vital IP they have developed relating to the engineering materials that they use—information that has its own lifecycle, evolving as new testing, service feedback, analyses, or supplier data become available.

These companies already have enterprise CAD and PLM tools in place, of course, enabling their product development process. But these key disciplines need to be connected. CAD and PLM users must have ready access to the best available representations of approved materials, and tools providing guidance in their use. This needs to be a primary deliverable of materials information management. In this new paper, we examine the trends and best practices in CAD, PLM, and materials information management, identify key requirements for integrating these technologies, and provide examples of addressing this challenge using the GRANTA MI product suite.

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