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At Granta, everything depends on our ability to build great software. And for that, we rely on the excellence of our software team.

That team gets the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting projects, many in collaboration with the top engineering enterprises who are Granta’s customers. To support this progress, we use the latest tools and technologies, and encourage our software engineers to keep up with developments in their field.

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Supporting your growth

Whether you are an experienced team member or are taking your first commercial role, we are committed to working with you to ensure you have the resources and opportunities that you need to excel. We provide a tailored induction schedule for our new joiners, giving you support and training to enable an immediate contribution. We have a regular review process that makes sure you continue to grow with us and have opportunities to work towards the goals and projects which are most interesting to you.
Our broad range of technologies allows you to develop a broad skillset and we offer excellent development opportunities for those looking to develop their technical or leadership skills. We are especially keen to work with C# and C++ Software Engineers, UI Developers and Testers.

How we develop

The majority of our products are built around a front-end of AngularJS / Typescript, a back-end of SQL Server, with a mixture of C# and C++ in between. We use GitHub to store our source code and use a GitHub Flow-like process, including peer code review, to manage it. Our software is continuously built and deployed via TeamCity, and we use radiators around the office to help monitor build status.

Our main development tools are Visual Studio and Resharper. All members of the team get an MSDN subscription and we track issues, features, and projects in JIRA.

Our software group is organized into small agile teams, typically: a Team Lead, 4-5 software engineers, and 1-2 QA engineers. We are supported by Technical Authors and Product Managers, keeping in touch via daily stand-ups and co-location.

We encourage a culture of learning, development and innovation, and do so via Pluralsight subscriptions, group “coffee break” presentations, “10% time” and our Granta “MayFly” cross-team “new ideas” days.

We have space in which to work, the tools to do our job, and are both trusted and supported to be able to do so.

Who you will work with – some of our team

“I work on software that solves real problems for top engineering companies and helps make the world greener. I influence products, processes, architecture, technologies and design. Granta offers career flexibility: I’ve enjoyed remaining as a coder and progressing in that role, while others wanting to move into management have been able to do so.”
– Peter, Senior Software Engineer
Joined Granta in June 2009
“Many things at Granta have changed as we have grown over the years, but it has always remained a well-balanced place to work. We allow people to use the breadth of their experience as well as giving opportunities to learn; we try new ideas and also take the time to reflect on how they are working for us; we focus on delivery but still usually go home on time.”
– Ivan, Software Engineer
Joined Granta in August 2009
“I’ve worked on the GRANTA MI product from beta to version 10. I’ve had the opportunity to work with really clever software engineers, material-scientists, and other engineering disciplines, progressing to Software Team Lead. It’s rewarding that features that I have seen through design, implementation, and deployment are solving problems for customers like Rolls Royce and NASA.”
– Chris, Software Team Lead
Joined Granta in 2004
“I started at Granta Design as a Graduate Software Developer. They provided a supportive and stimulating environment in which I could develop quickly in a number of different technologies. I’ve truly enjoyed being part of a great team and having a very real influence in how our product grows and develops.”
James, Software Engineer
Joined Granta in November 2012
“I started my career at Granta Design as an QA Intern. Within a few years I was promoted to Junior QA and now Software QA Engineer thanks to the fantastic support of my managers and the whole team. People in general tend to hate Monday mornings but working at Granta can definitely change one’s mind.”
– Julian, Software QA Engineer
Joined Granta in April 2012
“Being on the boundary between business and academia, Granta offers the good bits from both. On the industry side, our customers are technological leaders, which means that there will always be an interesting project to work on. On the other side, the work atmosphere resembles an academic environment, full of friendly, cooperative and super smart people. I learn something new every day.”
– Aleksandar, Software Engineer
Joined Granta in 2015

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