Speaking at a recent webinar, experts from Honeywell AerospaceSaudi Aramco, and Burberry presented the benefits of systematic materials selection.

With roots in fashion, oil and gas, and aerospace, these organizations are not only diverse in their focus, but in their experiences of using the CES Selector software. The Tempe site within Honeywell Aerospace has been using the software since 2001. Principal Materials Engineer John Perek presented two examples of how it reduced selection time, and minimized cost. The first was a materials substitution project for a pressure regulator housing that was experiencing delayed cracking after molding. The second example involved the necessary replacement of a Be-Cu pitot tube to comply with the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) legislation.

Thibault Villette, Material Modeling Group Leader at Saudi Aramco, discussed the benefits the organization has experienced in the two months since deploying CES Selector. Of note was the technical dialog that the software facilitated between the oil and gas company, and its external partners. Thibault commented that CES Selector acts as a ‘neutral expert’ that can be used to help consider all material options, and avoid costly dead-ends. “We are very new in our use of the software,” he added, “but in this very short time it has brought some very beneficial results.”

Fashion icon Burberry faced the issue of routinely selecting from a very limited palette of materials due to cost, availability, or limited materials knowledge. Through CES Selector, the organization has been able to assess both the materials and manufacture routes, and develop alternatives. Raw Materials Engineer Richard Waudby discussed the development of hardware for use in swimwear clasps, cord ends, and embellishments. He commented that CES Selector allowed Burberry to speed up the material identification time to around 30 minutes, and that “if you did that without CES Selector, you’d have to acquire the data, vet it, and that could take weeks,” Richard added.


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