CES Selector for research

CES Selector is used worldwide to support research projects across academia and industry.

What can you do with CES Selector?

Find, plot and compare materials data

Fast access to comprehensive, easy-to-search data. Graphically communicate findings for conference presentations, grant proposals, and publication.

Materials selection

Gain confidence in your materials decisions and generate new ideas through proven, auditable and repeatable materials selection methods.

Materials substitution and equivalency

Find equivalent or similar materials at the touch of a button and easily compare their material properties.

Materials development

Using graphical tools, understand how your new material compares to existing materials and communicate its advantages.

Eco design and restricted substances

Reduce environmental impact and minimize restricted substances risk at the design stage, by using detailed eco and regulatory materials data and tools.

Lightweighting and hybrid materials

Experiment with the Synthesizer tool for predicting hybrid material properties, reducing development time and guiding your materials testing.

CES Constructor

With CES Constructor you can create and modify CES Selector databases to support teaching and research:

  • Add and edit your own materials data or build completely new research databases.
  • Compare your own materials to those already on the market.
  • Share research data with colleagues.

Some examples of such databases, covering areas such as amorphous materials, creep properties, and metal foams, are available through Granta’s Teaching Resources, alongside lecture units (particularly Units 21 and 22) giving guidance on editing and creating databases for use in research and advanced teaching.

Research Map

Click on the interactive map to find out more about published work which has used CES Selector. Use them for case study inspiration or new research project ideas

Arrange a meeting

The best way to evaluate CES Selector is to see it in action. Arrange an online meeting during which we can discuss your work and show you how CES Selector can help.

What is CES Selector?

CES Selector combines comprehensive materials property data with advanced graphical analysis and selection tools.

Advanced teaching

See how students can be engaged at an advanced level, particularly through project work. Compare CES Selector and CES EduPack.