Supporting Advanced Teaching

Throughout all levels of higher education.

GRANTA Selector provides materials data and charting tools that support advanced teaching and associated project work—for example, design projects in final year university ‘Capstone’ courses or at a masters level.

  • Set student projects that use comprehensive and detailed materials data to solve industrially-relevant material selection or substitution problems.
  • Use modeling tools to explore hybrid materials and structures and their unique combinations of properties.
  • Compare performance across the full range of engineering materials.
  • Graphically communicate findings for lectures, conference presentations and publication.
  • Add your own data to for comparison and analysis (e.g., for students at Doctoral Training Centers doing small research projects).

What is the difference between CES EduPack and GRANTA Selector?

For materials-related courses up to and including final year University projects, we recommend CES EduPack. For more advanced teaching, we recommend GRANTA Selector as it provides a wider and deeper level of materials information, as well as additional tools to make selection faster and easier.

The following table gives a simplistic overview of the differences. For more specific questions about either resource, contact our Education Team

Feature area CES EduPack GRANTA Selector
Extensive materials property data

Tick Green

Additional reference databases  
Learning resources to support students Tick Green  
300+ teaching resources to inspire educators Tick Green  
Browse and search materials information Tick Green
Data visualization tools and charting Tick Green
Selection tools Tick Green
Synthesizer Tool – model hybrid materials, part cost Tick Green
Eco Audit tool – assess environmental impact Tick Green
Find Similar Tool – identify replacement materials  
Add your own data with GRANTA Constructor  
Comparison tables  
Engineering solver – helps specify engineering requirements  
Generate charts for use in research publications*  

*For research licenses only.

Arrange a meeting

The best way to evaluate GRANTA Selector is to see it in action. Arrange an online meeting during which we can discuss your work and show you how GRANTA Selector can help.

What is GRANTA Selector?

GRANTA Selector combines comprehensive materials property data with advanced graphical analysis and selection tools.

For research

Find out how GRANTA Selector is applied by browsing peer-reviewed papers and example databases developed by users.