What’s new for CES Selector 2019?

Keep up-to-date with all the latest developments.

Pushing the boundaries 

The latest version of the industry-standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties helps you make even smarter material choices. Solve materials problems, enable studies relating to cost or sustainability, investigate regulatory or safety risks, and empower innovation. Enhanced data and tools save time and effort when finding data for simulation, offer guidance on identifying critical design requirements, and help you decide whether additive manufacturing technology is a viable option for your project.

What’s new this year?

Compare conventional and additive materials

The Additive Manufacturing Edition provides a clear understanding of performance by comparing additive machines and materials against conventionally-manufactured products and technologies. Access the Senvol Database™ of supplier information on over 950 industrial machines and more than 1,700 compatible materialsplus data from Granta’s MaterialUniverse.

Efficiently select for vibration loading

Prevent wasted cycles and expensive remedial action. Select materials early in your project with the right load bearing characteristics by using the new performance indices for longitudinal and flexural vibration. Later, if materials need to be switched out, CES Selector 2019 provides a rapid understanding of likely vibration changes.

Formatted data for computer-aided design

Finding valid data to support modeling and simulation is often difficult and time consuming. Enable your simulation engineering team with timely, accessible, formatted data incorporating new and enhanced: JAHM Curve Data; FE Exporters for Altair Inspire; FE Exporters for the Prospector Plasticsdataset; and FE Exports for the CAMPUS and MBase Plastics dataset.

New supporting and eLearning resources

Enjoy the very latest supporting resources and best practice information on Granta’s eLearning site. Now expanded to include additional content for the Professional Level of the CES Selector Certificate Program with our scenario-based decision tree module, and techniques for defining critical design requirements.

Updated MaterialUniverse 

In a searchable electronic format, MaterialUniverse contains over 4,000 unique data records covering virtually all purchasable engineering materials, and 240 records covering related processes. Materials records cover the full range of materials classes, and each record has more than 80 general, mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical, environmental, economic, corrosion, and other properties.

Updated specialist data

CES Selector features the latest updates of these specialist datasets.

See information on the available data here.

How do I get it?

Find out how you can license the latest version of CES Selector.

What is CES Selector?

An overview of CES Selector for research and advanced teaching.