CES EduPack tools and resources for students

Video tutorials

The easiest way to get started with CES EduPack, is with our online video tutorials.

Getting started guides

All the information you need to get up to speed with using CES EduPack, fast.

Revision tools

Glossary quiz from Granta and links to some other useful study aids.

Data booklets

Covering material definitions, property summaries, structure and mechanism information, and more.

How to...

Brief booklets from Prof Mike Ashby: guidance in writing papers, and more.


A sample of material property charts – see the beauty of materials engineering data!

After graduation

CES EduPack Alumni Group

Join us on LinkedIn to interact with others selecting materials in industry and research.

Certification & training

Certify your CES EduPack skills so that you can advertise them to potential employers. 

Throughout your career

As well as CES EduPack, you will encounter a range of Granta materials software in your future career.