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The price of CES EduPack depends on the license type you choose, the number of computers or students covered, the amount of data your course requires, and the length of time you want the license to run.  For an enrolment license, the cost of CES EduPack per student per year is significantly less than the cost of a textbook.

Contact us to find out if CES EduPack would add value to your students.

A 30-day trial license including all editions is provided during our workshops and training sessions.

Alternatively, if you are not available to join one of our workshops, you can request an online meeting where we can show you the most relevant features in CES EduPack and related teaching resources.

Each year, there are new developments to CES EduPack, and to materials science—Additive Manufacturing, Sustainability, and Bio-plastics are just some recent developments.

Under a Perpetual license, the software will run forever. However, by purchasing maintenance for a small annual fee, you can keep up-to-date with the latest tools and data, download the latest version of the software as it comes out, and continue to have access the resources in Granta’s Education Hub and the Quarterly Case Study sessions. It is the best of both worlds: security that your software will run forever, but easily keeping your course up-to-date.

Find out about the latest updates to CES EduPack on our What’s New page.

In most cases, this is possible and we are happy to help you do this. Contact us or email for more information.

There are two types of license, Enrolment and Perpetual licenses. A Perpetual license is useful when you are using a one-off budget. An Enrolment license might be better if you have an annual budget, or if you want your students to install the software on their own PCs.

Perpetual license

This license covers a certain number of computers (in groups of 10).

The software you license will run forever, however, by buying maintenance – at a smaller annual fee – you can keep your software and data up-to-date and continue to have access to Granta’s Education Hub and the Quarterly Case Study sessions.

Enrolment License (annual)

This license covers a group of students on particular courses, or at a particular site (e.g. department or campus). The license allows the software to be installed on lab computers and on the computers of students and educators, as long as it is only being used to teach licensed students.

The software you license runs for 1, 3 or 5 years (so that it expires on student computers at the end of the academic year.) Multi-year license holders automatically get access to the latest version of the software as it comes out each year.

As you increase the number of students covered by a license, the cost per student goes down. Many universities have a site-wide license to enable interdisciplinary teaching.

Contact us or email to discuss the options.

1, 3 or 5 years
What is licensed?
Groups of students or a site
Groups of computers
Keeping up-to-date
You can buy a multiple year license, where we send you the latest edition each year
You can buy maintenance at a low annual cost, to be sent the latest version of the software each year.
How do students access it?
You can make it available for them to access it in a computer lab and you may give it to them to use on their own computers
On designated computers – e.g. in a computer lab
Good for…
If you want students to have it on their own computers, or to try it out for a year before you commit to a perpetual license.
If you have a one-off budget and want to secure access to CES EduPack for the long term.

If your institution has an enrollment license then the software will automatically expire at the end of the license period. If you don’t think it should have expired now or if you want to renew the license you can contact us or email and the right person will get back to you to help.

Contact us or email and the right person will get back to you to help.

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Installation and distribution

Over 800 universities use CES EduPack alongside many different VLEs (notably Blackboard). Enrollment licenses enable you to use the software in any way you want with the student numbers on the Software License Agreement. Universities usually have students install the CES EduPack software on home computers/laptops by downloading the software from the VLE, or if the VLE supports features like ‘remote desktop’, then the students can remotely access University computers with CES EduPack installed on them. However, please note that:

  • CES EduPack needs to be traditionally installed and is not a web-based resource.
  • Students cannot download the software from Granta; a distribution package with a license file needs to be put on the VLE if you want to distribute the software this way.

These are some common issues related to running the installer:

  • If the installer was distributed as a ZIP file, extract the files before running the installer.
  • Make sure license.lic is in the same folder as the installer, edupack_setup.XXXX.exe.
  • Error code 0x80070652 – Wait for any other programs to finish installing or uninstalling before starting the installer. Note that other installations may be running in the background e.g. Microsoft Updates.
  • Error code 0x80091007 – A poor internet connection can affect the installer when downloading the required files. Try re-running the installer and use a wired internet connection or move to place with a better Wi-Fi signal.
  • Error code 0x8007002 – The CES EduPack installation files are damaged or corrupted. Ask your IT administrator for a new copy.
  • Error code 0x80070643 – There is an error with the Microsoft .Net Framework installation on your computer. Follow the instructions on the Microsoft support page to resolve this issue.
  • Error code 0x80070666 – An error occurred in Visual Studio Runtime 2017. This error is caused by a version of Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime 2017 that accidentally removes a registry key used by CES EduPack 2019. Try installing the latest version of Visual Studio to restore the missing registry key.

If you encounter a different error, contact your IT administrator.

As an Educator with a My Granta Account, you can download and install the software from Granta’s Education Hub. (For students, you will have to make a distribution package containing the license file, as they do not have a My Granta account.)

  1. Go to Granta’s Education Hub and sign in to your My Granta account.
  2. Click Download software, and click the download link to save the installer.
  3. Run the installer by double-clicking edupack_setup.XXXX.exe. Enter your My Granta account information when prompted.
  4. To install the software, click Install now, and follow the on-screen instructions.

installation procedure for academics

To install CES EduPack from a DVD or memory stick, or using a distribution package:

  1. Copy the files onto your computer.
  2. If they are in a ZIP file, extract them.
  3. Make sure license.lic is in the same folder as edupack_setup.XXXX.exe.
  4. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

To uninstall CES EduPack, use Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

To install CES EduPack, you will need the following:

  • A compatible Microsoft® Windows® operating system;
    Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit,
    Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit,
    Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • 2 GB of RAM (more is recommended when using large databases).
  • 4.5 GB of available hard disk space.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.2, Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 SP1, and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio. If any of these are not installed, they will be installed during the CES EduPack installation. For the French, German, and Spanish language installations, you will also require the appropriate language packs for these, which are usually installed with your OS.
  • Administrator rights.

If you have a Lab License, you can run the installer from the download link, DVD or memory stick and install CES EduPack onto a fixed number of computers for your students to use. To do this on multiple computers at the same time, follow the instructions for network administrators.

If you have an Enrollment or Campus/Department License, you can allow the students to access the software on their own laptops and on lab computers. You need to create an installation package for your students, so that they can install the editions they need without a My Granta account:

  1. Go to Granta’s Education Hub and sign in to your My Granta account. download the software
  2. Click Download software, and click the download link to save the installer.
  3. Run the installer by double-clicking edupack_setup.XXXX.exe. Enter your My Granta account information when prompted.
  4. Click Create installation package.
  5. Select the edition you want to distribute.
  6. Click Continue. This will create an installation package in a folder that you can then distribute to other licensed users, i.e. students and colleagues. They can run this custom installation package without signing in to My Granta. You can distribute this folder of files using a private network, a VLE, or physical media (e.g. USB stick). Students will need to copy the folder to a local drive before installing.

distribute the software

If you received a DVD or memory stick containing the CES EduPack installation package, you can distribute these files directly to students. Copy the files onto a private network, a VLE, or physical media (e.g. USB stick). Students can then run the installer without signing in to My Granta to install CES EduPack on their own PCs.

Most copies of CES EduPack are delivered via download. If you require a physical copy, we can arrange a DVD or USB drive shipment. This will be delivered to the address specified on the purchase order.

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Using CES EduPack

If the software is being distributed by your IT department, they will be your best first option. If you get stuck, contact Support and we’ll do our best to help. 

Selection charts, record data, and online teaching resources may be reproduced to use with students for educational purposes only, provided that Granta Design Limited is referenced as the source and the copyright holder.

To reproduce data and charts in publications, you must have either:

  1. Prior written permission for every instance from Granta Design Limited, by mail, fax, or email.
  2. A CES Selector for academic research license. This allows your institution to use all data and tools for publications. Find out more about CES Selector for research and advanced teaching.

For both of these situations, when referring to CES EduPack in publications, the bibliographic reference is:
“CES EduPack software, Granta Design Limited, Cambridge, UK, YEAR (”

For reprinting images, please see the individual image caption for reproduction information regarding images.

We have a Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT) form filled out for CES EduPack and can provide it on request.

CES EduPack can be used as a teaching resource to complement several standard Engineering textbooks used on courses worldwide. These books include:

Standard Engineering textbooks
  • Ashby—Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing, and Design; Materials Selection in Mechanical Design; Materials and the Environment; Materials and Sustainable Development; and Materials and Design.
  • Ashby & Jones—Engineering Materials Vol 1 & 2.
  • Askeland and Phulé—The Science and Engineering of Materials.
  • Budinski and Budinski—Engineering Materials, Properties, and Selection.
  • Callister—Materials Science and Engineering, an Introduction.
  • Shackelford—Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers.

At the end of each science note in CES EduPack is a further reading section, providing references to textbooks where you can find more information about the property discussed in the science note.

New databases can be added on the Change database screen. Click add database and select your database. Additional databases can be downloaded from Granta’s Teaching Resources. If you have a research project where adding your own data or creating a database from scratch would help you to analyze and visualize the data in your project, then consider using CES Selector and CES Constructor.

For students, the online video tutorials will help them get up to speed quickly.

For educators, we offer various training options:

  • Video tutorials (open access)
  • 1hr quarterly Advanced Industrial Case Study session (included in CES EduPack license)—these online meetings are run by an experienced educator and focus on a topical and industrially-relevant theme.
  • 1.5hr online training session for up to 10 educators (included in CES EduPack license)
  • Workshops (registration fee may apply)—get up to speed on the basics and see some of the more advanced features. Hear from other Materials Educators at other organizations, and get colleagues together to discuss implementation on courses
  • On-site training for up to 20 educators (request pricing information from Granta)
  • Education webinars (open access)- for CES EduPack teaching inspiration
  • General Granta Design webinars (open access)- for teaching inspiration from an industrial perspective
  • CES EduPack help and science notes (included in CES EduPack license)
  • Case studies, exercises, and solutions in Granta Design Hub (included in CES EduPack license)

CES EduPack is designed for computers running Windows. However, some students and academics have reported that the following two options allowed them to run CES EduPack on a Mac operating system:

  • Boot Camp—Boot Camp is software that comes installed with macOS (compatible with macOS 10.6 or later) that allows you to run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. As Boot Camp runs the Windows operating system directly, the performance of Windows applications is not affected. The downsides of using Boot Camp are the risks involved with re-partitioning the hard drive and the need to boot into Windows each time you wish to use CES EduPack.
  • Install Windows on a virtual machine on your Mac. This allows you to run Windows software, including CES EduPack, from inside macOS as if it were installed on your Mac.

Both options require you to have a licensed version of Windows. Please note that we are unable to provide specific support or software recommendations for macOS.

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About CES EduPack editions

Each edition of CES EduPack contains a unique combination of data and tools that are best suited for teaching and learning about each subject. Find a full list of the content of each CES EduPack edition on the Editions page of this site.

EduPack Editions

When you create installation packages for your students, you can choose whether to distribute just one edition, or all licensed editions.

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Accessing the Granta Education Hub

Full access is for educators at an institution with a current license of CES EduPack. If you think we have made a mistake and you should get full access, please contact us using your institution email address via

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