Social-LCA in product design

Social Life-Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) and Social Impact Audit Tool

The newly developed Social Audit Tool is in line with the UNEP/SETAC Guidelines, is simple, fast and gives insight into the multi-dimensional social aspects of a product’s life, viewed from a top-down, nation-wide perspective.

As an academic: I want to have a simple and visual way to introduce students to the topic of product lifecycle, its social and environmental impact, backed up by reliable data.”

As a decision-maker in product design or engineering: I need a systemic first step view of the social and environmental impact my product has.”

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“… Something, which helps to simplify and embrace complexity and to make a first level of introduction to engineering students, with clear worked exercises, is of value. The tool helps to prevent impact, allowing alternative choices, acting as a first-stage filter for decision-making” 

⏤ Academic at the UPC Barcelona


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