Are you developing new additive manufacturing (AM) processes? How do you enable detailed understanding of these processes and represent this insight accurately in digital form, supporting downstream design and production?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practice for capturing the materials and process data generated during AM development projects. We’ll see how to combine and analyze data from the build process, simulation, and experiment in order to correlate process parameters and properties. And we’ll review the importance of deploying the resulting knowledge with full traceability to its source.

See the new GRANTA MI Version 12 software, with enhancements such as new plot types in the MI:Mat Analyzer app and support for storing large files (such as CT scan data).

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What you will learn

  • Hear why it’s important to capture data from AM builds, simulation, and part testing in an integrated system, with full traceability
  • See how you can implement best practice in AM data management
  • Find out about insights that can help you to optimize your AM processes
  • Understand how a systematic approach to materials data is key to successful Digital Twin strategies
  • See what’s new for AM projects in GRANTA MI Version 12.


Who will benefit?

  • AM project managers seeking to get AM solutions to market sooner
  • Materials engineers, simulation analysts, and AM specialists engaged in trying to understand and optimize AM products and processes
  • Key stakeholders in engineering management with a focus on enabling innovation and protecting valuable IP.


Rob Davis is the Head of GRANTA MI Product Management at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on Model Validation for Control System Design at Cambridge University, he worked in a range of Engineering and Product Management roles in the UK and USA helping grow software-based products for business customers. Rob joined Granta in 2017.