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Join us for a unique one-day event material-education intensive event focusing on sharing teaching experiences in material-related courses across all engineering topics. Hosted by Inholland University of Applied sciences, Delft. The program will balance between talks, posters on education from Dutch universities and hands-on sessions around CES EduPack. Attendees will be able to participate in conversations with educators, who share the same interests. They can establish new contacts and talk with the ANSYS Granta team of experts.

Objectives of the meeting

  • Discuss different teaching methods used in the teaching of materials
  • Understand how other lecturers teach their courses and how they use CES EduPack
  • Dig into the material selection methodology by analyzing an industrial case study
  •  Discover CES EduPack 2019 new features: Materials Science and Engineering in teaching
  •  Discuss the future direction of the teaching resource development

Welcome Remarks by the Host Committee

Docenten Materiaalkunde onderwijs in Nederland.

Het leek ons een goed idee om in Nederland kennis en ervaring uit te wisselen om het vak materiaalkunde voor WO en HBO extreem aantrekkelijk te maken voor studenten.

Samen met ANSYS Granta hebben we voor de meeting een programma vastgesteld, dat we via de presentaties nog voor een groot gedeelte kunnen invullen.

Op deze bijeenkomst kunnen docenten leren van elkaar over hoe we de boodschap geïnspireerd kunnen overbrengen op de studenten.

We kunnen elkaar motiveren op materialen onderzoekonderzoeksgebied en contacten leggen.

We kunnen op een low-profile manier discussiëren over de toepassingen van het vak gebied. Ook kunnen we meedenken over nieuwe te verwachten ontwikkelingen in het materiaalkunde onderwijs.

De verdiepende presentaties worden door ANSYS-Granta gegeven in het Engels. U mag praten in het Nederlands of Engels.

Comité van aanbeveling:

Ir. Marcel van Varik, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Delft
Prof. Sybrand van der Zwaag, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
Ir. Ernst-Jan Goedvolk, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede
Paul Gröneveld, BEng, MEd, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede

Who can attend?

  • Educators who are teaching materials or related subjects in engineering, science, design, or sustainable development and open to share their experiences
  • Educators who have a CES EduPack license and look for new ideas on how to get more out of their courses and would like to discover EduPack
  • Educators who are curious about how CES EduPack can support teaching at their university, but have not yet started using it – what is it and what can it contribute to your courses?


Call for Abstracts

We would like to invite you to join your peer lecturers at our CES EduPack User Group Meeting exclusively for Dutch-speaking universities, to be held in Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Delft on October 9, 2019. We will split the talks into undergraduate-level and graduate-level to share your unique ways of teaching Materials Science, as well as a poster session with more inspirational ideas.

Please join us with your teaching insights in:

  • Materials used in courses, such as learning objectives, books, etc.
  • Moodle Usage in teaching
  • Effective ways to evaluate students, such as new examination formats, etc.
  • Teaching incentives and motivations, such as collaboration with companies and entrepreneurship
  • Practical experiments and/or lecture videos

Please submit a one-page or 350-word abstract (title and references included and two figures maximum).

Abstracts can be sent to: abstracts.holland@ansys.com

Poster Instructions

To share your valuable teaching experience, you are invited to bring a poster as a start for your discussion with other lecturers. Please bring your poster on the day and we will help you to put it up before the talk sections start.

Deadline: September 20, 2019

User Group Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

9:15 AM Welcome and Introduction
Welcome and greetings from Inholland University of Applied sciences (10 min) and ANSYS Granta (5 min), review of the agenda and presentations
9:30 AM 1st Session of undergraduate level presentations (Four 20-minute presentations) 
Experience-sharing on practical teaching examples, textbook-usage in classes and lecture contents, models / interaction using CES EduPack in engineering
10:50 AM Coffee break
11:20 AM 2nd Session of graduate level presentations (Four 20-minute presentations) 
Experience-sharing on graduate-level self-motivating teaching, like entrepreneurship and working together with industry and more
12:15 PM Lunch break & Poster session
2:00 PM Advanced industrial case study 
Dig deeper into material selection methodology by examining an advanced industrial case study with CES EduPack
2:45 PM Coffee break
3:15 PM Active learning and micro-projects in Materials Science and Engineering
Demonstration of this new module in CES EduPack and hands-on exercises with latest teaching resources
4:15 PM Future CES EduPack Resource Development Discussion
Feedback and suggestions on CES EduPack ongoing teaching resource prototypes and projects
4:45 PM Wrap up & Close

About CES EduPack

Based on the work done by Professor Mike Ashby’s at the University of Cambridge and now used by more than 1000 universities around the world, CES EduPack improves the teaching of materials at all levels of university education in engineering, science and design.

Costs & Registration

Early Bird Rate

Normal Rate (after Sep 20)

Meeting Package




Early bird rate: before September 20th, 2019
Normal rate: after September 20th, 2019
Registration includes the meeting package, lunch and snacks

Location Information

Workshop Venue

Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628
AL Delft
The Netherlands



October 9, 2019


Dr Nicolas Martin holds a PhD in material science as well as a master’s degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, France. Nicolas has worked for the alternative energies and atomic energy commission (CEA) and the Safran group before joining Granta. With industrial sponsorship, his doctorate involved composite material improvements for aeronautic applications. Nicolas is leading the education and research related activities for France, French-speaking countries and China. He is also helping with the development of Teaching Resources aimed at all level of studies and delivering training to French-speaking academics.

Dr. Wen Zhao is part of the Education Division at Granta Design supporting educational and research institutions in Europe and Asia. She holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK) and her research focus is high-temperature superconductors for magnetic levitations and high-efficiency generators. She also holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo (Japan) on photocatalytic materials to drive visible-light overall water splitting. Her technical back ground is in solid-state and sol-gel materials synthesis and characterization.


Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Rotterdamseweg 141
2628 AL Delft, Netherlands

Workshop Package:

  • One-day hands-on course
  • A case study paper
  • Course notes
  • One-month access to all CES EduPack databases and editions