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Thousands of university educators worldwide use Granta Design expertise and resources to support their teaching of materials and related topics to the next generation of engineers, scientists, and industrial designers. We also work with industry, and our solutions provide control over in-house materials data, guaranteeing traceability and accuracy, and offer powerful graphical tools to compare material properties, supporting selection

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Introducing Sustainability in Materials Selection

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Luca Masi is a Principal Development Manager at Granta Design, and Aerospace Engineer with R&D experience in multi-objective optimization and bio-inspired computational techniques for automatic design of interplanetary space trajectories (University of Strathclyde, software development for CNES and Thales Alenia Space), as well as spacecraft propulsion (Alta-Space, Universita’ di Pisa).

For the past five years, Luca has run several materials selection workshops and lectures at leading US universities (Georgia Tech, Arizona State, MIT, University of Michigan, etc.), and has published technical papers and book chapters for AIAA, IEEE, Acta Astronautica, and others.


Sustainability is a broad and complex topic that affects materials selection in engineering design. Because of its increasing importance, the next generations of engineers need to be well educated on how to introduce sustainability in product design and optimisation. Consequently, there is a challenge for educators to find more structured and engaging approaches to teach sustainability effectively. In this talk, we present an interactive software and set of resources that enable rational and sustainable materials selection in engineering design. Originally developed at Cambridge University by Prof Mike Ashby, this unique tool allows cost, manufacturability, mechanical performance, and eco-properties, such as embodied energy or CO2-footprint, to be considered when choosing the best materials. Case studies based on a Sustainability Database and Eco-Audit function will be presented. We will show how this tool is used by over 1,000 universities worldwide to enhance student learning in an interactive and engaging way.


September 29, 2019
October 3, 2019


Oregon Convention centre
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232 USA