Watch this webinar to learn about how the data and tools in CES Selector help to quickly identify candidate materials and investigate how they can be combined to achieve optimal performance.

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What you will learn

  • Learn how to access complete and comparable data on all classes of engineering materials
  • See a demonstration of how to estimate cost and performance of hybrid materials and structures
  • Find out how to visualize and understand the similarities and differences of these materials
  • Learn from FORCE Technology how they used these tools to guide their design for a novel lightweight composite longboard.


Further information

When developing products it is difficult enough to ensure you have the best materials for your application, but when it comes to combining materials to make a composite, the complexity reaches a new level! Yet being able to consider these options early in design can allow you to achieve great improvements in performance, lightweighting, cost reduction and green credentials. The challenge is to determine what materials to use and how to combine them so that you can maximize the benefits of each.

In this webinar with FORCE Technology, the Danish center for composite expertise, we show how you can use the data and tools in CES Selector to quickly identify candidate materials and investigate how they can be combined to achieve optimal performance.


Who will benefit?

  • Product designers, engineers, and materials specialists who work primarily with composites.
  • Materials experts responsible for recommending materials to designers, advising on purchasing, and resolving material issues.


Benjamin Hornblow is a composite specialist at FORCE Technology, Denmark. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and 18 years industry experience. For the last nine years Benjamin has lived in Denmark, where he has worked for LM Wind Power, a Danish wind turbine blade producer, and as a consultant for FORCE Technology, a Danish technology institute.

Charlie Bream is the Senior Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 15 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.