Watch this webinar to hear from Granta Design and PTC why quality materials information and property data is essential in product engineering.

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In this webinar you will:

  • Get a tour of the sample materials data covering 120 representative engineering materials, now available at no extra cost to every user of Creo
  • Learn how and why leading engineering corporations are managing their in-house materials information, capturing vital knowledge, ensuring consistency, and enabling accurate design
  • See Granta’s comprehensive library of materials reference data covering thousands of plastics, metals, composites, and more
  • See how in-house and reference information can be integrated into Creo and Windchill for seamless access and easy assignment.


Further information

Information about materials is essential for product engineering. Density data enables weight roll-ups. Mechanical property data supports analysis. Information on appearance or past applications supports design decisions.

  • How can engineers get what they need, when and where they need it?
  • How can companies ensure consistency – for example, that all of their engineers are working from the same material description?
  • How do designers know what materials are available to them, and avoid errors and delays by assigning the right material to a part as early as possible in the design process?

Granta Design and PTC have collaborated to answer these questions. A sample library providing data on 120 engineering materials from Granta was recently made available with every copy of Creo 4. This sample data provides a representative overview of metals, plastics, and composites, enabling CAD users to, for example, make first-pass assignments and perform approximate weight roll-ups. It also provides a window into the comprehensive materials data, covering thousands of material grades, available from Granta.

This full library can be accessed within Creo or Windchill by any company with an installation of the GRANTA MI materials information system. GRANTA MI also enables companies to manage their own materials information to create a single, consistent, source of approved materials data that can then be made available for design and simulation: avoiding error, inconsistency, and delay. With the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway app, all of this data can be accessed and applied directly within Creo or Windchill.


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