Data and tools

CES Selector provides an unrivalled combination of materials data and materials selection tools.


A unique data set, compiled by Granta materials experts. Complete, comparable data for all classes of engineering material. Consider all material options and quickly identify candidates.


Specialist data sets

A library of data from authoritative providers. 250,000+ datasheets on grades of metals, composites, plastics, and more. Links to MaterialUniverse create a ‘materials encyclopedia’. Key data collections include:

  • Metals – the MI-21 metals and consumables data, StahlDat SX and SteelSpec steels.
  • Polymers – CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics, Prospector Plastics, and ChemRes chemical resistance data.
  • Aero – MMPDS aero alloys, CMH-17 and Firehole composites.


Core selection and comparison tools


Other tools

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Datasheet and videos

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Materials selection

Find out how CES Selector enables smart materials choices, enabling you to apply rational material selection methods.


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