GRANTA MI Version 12

Leading-edge engineering enterprises are investing in their Digital Twin strategies. Digital Twins enable decision-making, and support innovation with an accurate virtual representation of the real product. A meaningful Digital Twin must accurately represent the materials from which the product is made.

GRANTA MI Version 12 brings the materials-enabled Digital Twin closer, with new capabilities to manage vital materials data, ensure its traceability, and apply it in the context of product design and simulation. Manage complex data from experiment and simulation, particularly for emerging material and process technologies like Additive Manufacturing. Help to model and ensure regulatory compliance. Integrate with CAE, CAD, and PLM technologies, and enable the fast interaction you need with your data to empower an effective Digital Twin.

Digitalize your Additive Manufacturing projects

Understand your additive manufactured (AM) processes and represent this insight accurately in digital form. Capture data generated during AM development projects, with new support for linking to large files, such as CT Scans. Visualize correlations between process and materials parameters to help optimize performance. Version 12 includes new plot types in the MI:Mat Analyzer app, plus trend identification and easy export to text and CSV files.

Compliance at-a-glance across your product portfolio

Report quickly on restricted substance regulatory compliance for the products and parts described by production and legacy BoMs (Bills of Materials). MI:BoM Analyzer 3.0 and the new MI:BoM Store enable enhanced and dynamic analytics, including scenario analyses. Capture and link vital data on materials, specifications, and substances, and connect it to BoM data to identify product risks and track them as legislation changes.

Materials-enable CAD, CAE, and PLM across multiple systems

Our integration technologies make GRANTA MI the ‘gold source’ for materials data for your Digital Twin, spanning multiple design and simulation tools and vendors, and ensuring consistent materials assignments. Coverage is extended to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, in addition to Teamcenter and Windchill PLM. And synchronization between different systems is improved, for example, via new Creo-Windchill interoperability.

Increased support for materials-centric business processes

GRANTA MI Version 12 helps you to enable robust business processes, supported by enhanced workflow capabilities, and backed up by tools to ensure data integrity and quality at the enterprise level. New search features, for example, enable swift access to the data you need, supporting large databases that may contain millions of materials records.

Access the latest materials data for AM, healthcare, plastics, and simulation 

The library of materials reference data available with GRANTA MI has been updated, with the latest versions of trusted references such as CAMPUS Plastics, and 
ASM Medical Materials. Add our up-to-date data modules to your system and access the Senvol Database™ for additive manufacturing machines and materials; JAHM Curve Data to support simulation; globally-recognized safety and quality guarantee for plastics, UL Yellow Cards; and more.

Get the most from materials information management

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GRANTA MI Version 12 with our regular on-line training. These live web-based software demonstrations run at no additional cost to users, illustrate important capabilities – and how to use them, and feature a question and answer session with Granta experts. Further resources and support are available on the ‘My Granta’ site, and through our uniquely-experienced Implementation Services team.

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GRANTA MI Product Overview

Make material intelligence work for you, with a strategic approach to materials information.

Materials engineering

Manage and analyze vital data for metals, plastics, composites, and Additive Manufacturing.

Make better products

Support design, simulation, and PLM. Minimize risk, e.g., from restricted substances.