Make better products

Deliver accurate, consistent materials data to support design, simulation, and throughout the product lifecycle. Avoid product risks including restricted substances.

Enable product engineering

Integrate a single, centrally managed and approved source of materials data into the product design and development process, supporting PLM, CAD, and CAE.

Empower simulation

Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in simulation results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE.

Reduce product risk

Enable best practice strategies to minimize substance risk and access practical analytics, reporting, and decision-making tools.

More ways to apply material intelligence

See how GRANTA MI is applied to challenges including industrial design, deploying a materials strategy, sustainability, and circularity. Contact us for help with your challenges.

Success stories

Find out how GRANTA MI is used to ensure better, greener, safer products at organizations including General Motors, Boeing, Molex, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Continental, and Ethicon Surgical Care.

General Motors uses GRANTA MI to support its enterprise PLM project.

Molex provides approved materials data to ensure accurate simulation.

Boeing enables a more efficient response to restricted substance challenges.