The GRANTA MI Additive Manufacturing Schema

Sharing best practice with the AM community.

At Granta Design, we have decided to share with the Additive Manufacturing community key elements of the ‘Schema’ (the underlying data structures) behind our Additive Manufacturing data management solution. We aim to support the development of Standards and to promote the value of systematically managing AM data.

The GRANTA MI Additive Manufacturing Package has been under development since 2010, when AM technology itself was more commonly known as “rapid prototyping”. At this early stage, Granta identified this complex materials domain as a prime technology area where robust, pedigreed, and version-controlled data would be required to support the design and manufacturing processes.

Since then, we have built our tools to support the objectives of right-first-time AM products and the robust data management needed to support the qualification and certification of AM parts. This has been a collaborative process: working within industry projects such as the European Union’s AMAZE, with our partners in the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), and with the leading engineering enterprises who are now customers for the solution.  Granta also actively engages in standardization activities, for example, through SAE and ASTM, and in collaborative research and development projects.

AMAZE is a collaborative project that aims to rapidly produce large, defect-free additively-manufactured (AM) metallic components up to 2m in size, ideally with close to zero waste, for use in sectors including aeronautics, space, automotive, nuclear fusion and tooling. Granta is providing an overarching materials information management system for the consortium, enabling the 28 project partners to pool materials data and to create a single go-to source of knowledge. This data is used, for example, in simulation work to understand and optimize AM processes. It can also help to construct a clear picture of the cost structure and environmental footprint of a given metallic component.


The Schema Summary Document

We have now chosen to publish a summary of our ‘Schema’ – the vital data structures for managing AM data (an illustration of the Schema map is shown above). Publication of this document aims to broaden our collaborative approach. By sharing many of the key attributes needed to capture AM processes, and how these attributes can be organized, we aim to help in the development of better Standards for AM data management and to increase awareness and adoption of the need for this important activity.

If you are engaged in AM data management and/or Standards definition, you can request a copy of the Summary Document by completing the form below.  In return, we would appreciate a willingness to engage with Granta to discuss the topic, and to provide us with your feedback on the Schema. The information in the Document is valuable intellectual property, so there are some constraints on sharing the document and on the use of information provided.  These are fully detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

We look forward to working with you on the future of AM data management.

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