Granta and the Altair Partner Alliance Program

Support for simulation in HyperMesh and CES Selector via the Altair APA program,

Granta Design and Altair are partnering to ensure that Altair users have easy access to the best available materials data and tools. Product development teams use Altair software to enable innovation, reduce development times, and lower costs. To achieve these goals, they need to focus their efforts on the right materials options; and they need the right materials data as input. 

CES Selector—smart materials choices

Through the Altair Partner Alliance Program (APA), Altair users can now use CES Selector, the industry-standard materials selection tool. Quickly identify and validate materials for your engineering application: for example, to ensure that simulation work is well-focused.

What is CES Selector?

CES Selector Youngs Modulus v Density for the full range of engineering materials

A unique, comprehensive, linked ‘encyclopedia’ of materials data plus highly visual tools to plot and compare material properties and screen materials. A structured, rigorous approach to material selection.

  • Use materials to innovate and evolve your products
  • Quickly identify solutions to material issues
  • Confirm and validate your choice of materials
  • Reduce material and development costs

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What is in the CES Selector (APA Edition)?

The version of CES Selector available to APA members is the APA Edition. This provides the core tools of the CES Selector software for:

  • Browsing, searching, plotting, and comparing materials data
  • Systematic material selection
  • Finding materials with similar property profiles to a reference material
  • Exporting data for use in simulation
  • Modeling cost and the properties of hybrid materials.

It includes the MaterialUniverse data module, Granta’s data set providing complete property data for over 3,500 types of engineering material: ideal for exploring materials options. Further data sets covering specific material areas (polymers, composites, metals) are available by purchasing an upgraded CES Selector license.

How do I get it?

CES Selector (APA Edition) is available to members via the Altair Partner Alliance site.

Find CES Selector in the showcase of available products and follow the instructions to download and install.

When you run the software, it will automatically check out the required number of HyperWorks Units (HWUs) from your company’s available pool, so that you can use CES Selector at no additional cost.

What upgrade options are there?

To add more data or tools to your CES Selector installation, you will need to upgrade your Edition of the software by purchasing it direct from Granta Design.

  In the APA Edition Upgrade options
Data Granta MaterialUniverse data (Basic Edition). Choose your CES Selector Edition for specialist data on plastics, composites, metals, and more.
Tools Core software tools, Synthesizer Tool. Eco Audit Tool for eco design.
CES Constructor: add and edit data.

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GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh

Get access to managed corporate materials data, or data from Granta’s comprehensive library of materials reference information, from an app that runs within your HyperMesh system.

What is GRANTA MI?

GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. It enables you to control, analyze, and securely share critical corporate data on materials and processes. Alongside this proprietary data, GRANTA MI provides a comprehensive library of reference data.

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What is GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway?

The GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh enables instant access to approved materials data for simulation. Within HyperMesh, open the MI:Materials Gateway app to browse or search your company’s materials database. Click on your chosen materials; the CAE models that you need are immediately available, with full traceability.

What materials data can I access?

Within your company’s GRANTA MI database, you will be able to access your organization’s approved, managed, materials data. You can also make available any of the data modules from the Granta reference library covering many catagoires of properties for metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, and natural materials.

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Data for Simulation

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