Material intelligence for ANSYS users

Granta is part of the ANSYS organization and we have a strong focus on delivering the right materials data for users of ANSYS simulation.

Introducing ANSYS Granta

Granta joined the ANSYS family in February 2019, with the acquisition by ANSYS of Granta Design. This combined the leaders in materials information technology with the leaders in engineering simulation.

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Granta has a long-standing partnership with ANSYS, developing the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench app, which enables users of the ANSYS software to directly access and use validated CAE materials models from a GRANTA MI database.

As part of the ANSYS organization, we have already extended this support to provide a new dataset GRANTA Materials Data for Simulation embedded within the ANSYS Mechanical software. Materials support for the full ANSYS portfolio will be expanded and enhanced in future releases of ANSYS and Granta software.

ANSYS Granta remains committed to an open eco system, integrating with a wide range of other leading simulation codes and CAD/PLM systems.  This enables GRANTA MI to work as your corporate ‘gold source’ for materials information, supporting your wider engineering software infrastructure, from ANSYS and other providers.


Materials data for ANSYS Mechanical

Every user of ANSYS Mechanical will find a set of sample materials property data from Granta, providing a small number of properties for selected common materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and woods.

From the ANSYS 2019 R2 release onwards, users can license GRANTA Materials Data for Simulation. This is an extended set of 700 datasheets covering the full range of engineering materials, embedded within ANSYS Mechanical. Purchase a license from your ANSYS representative to switch on the data in your copy. It includes simulation-ready data to support structural analysis.


Granta Material Data for Simulation datasheet within ANSYS Mechanical

Materials Data for Simulation datasheet in ANSYS Mechanical


Integrating corporate materials information

To really empower simulation, you want to go beyond just accessing useful reference data to ensure that your corporate ‘material intelligence’ is available to simulation analysts.

The GRANTA MI system enables engineering enterprises to create a single ‘gold source’ for company materials information.  This could include, for example, simulation models derived through in-house analysis and linked to the test data from which they were determined.

Through the MI:Materials Gateway app within ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS users can search and browse the GRANTA MI database, find materials, view their datasheets, choose applicable CAE materials models, and then import these models directly to ANSYS project, complete with full traceability information. All of these tasks can be performed quickly, interactively, and with no risk of error due to data transfer.

If your organization has enabled GRANTA MI access from your ANSYS implementation:

  • You can access MI:Materials Gateway via the option in the ANSYS Workbench toolbar
  • Users with a My Granta account can also access the User Guide, updates, and other resources

If your organization has not yet enabled GRANTA MI access, contact us!

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Read the product overview – how the MI:Simulation Package helps you to generate accurate materials input data for simulation and deliver this data where it is needed.

Materials property data

You can benefit from Granta’s comprehensive library of materials property data.