More ways to apply material intelligence

GRANTA MI is used in industrial design, to support corporate materials strategies, and to ensure more sustainable products

On other pages you can read about GRANTA MI is used to support PLM and CAD, enable simulation, and avoid restricted substance risk.  Here are three more ways in which GRANTA MI ensures better, greener, safer products.

GRANTA MI for Industrial Design

GRANTA MI can be used to connect the worlds of industrial design and engineering. Design teams can find and explore materials options, while ensuring the colors, textures, and surface finishes that they specify are achievable, and are accurately translated to engineering requirements.

  • Use company materials knowledge to inspire industrial design teams.
  • Cut time-to-market by aligning design team decisions with engineering possibilities.
  • Support cost reduction and design for compliance initiatives in design-led companies.
Browsing materials by aesthetic properties

Searching for materials based on aesthetic properties

GRANTA MI for Materials Strategy

GRANTA MI provides everything you need to implement a consistent, informed, strategic approach to the way materials decisions are made within your organization.

  • Get all of your materials information in one place—avoid lost data, save time in finding information, and get a more complete view of materials problems.
  • Make better, more consistent materials choices enterprise-wide.
  • Meet strategic objectives such as avoiding cost, designing to comply with regulations, and enabling global manufacturing.
  • Improve business processes relating to materials, particularly in multi-site, multi-business enterprises.
MI:Optimize tools - apply 'business rules' consistently when make material choices

Applying business rules to guide choice of materials

GRANTA MI for Product Risk and Sustainability 

Make sustainable products. Minimize environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risk, and increase resource efficiency for designs and products. With GRANTA MI you can import, build, and edit Bills of Materials for products or designs through an easy-to-use web application. Or use it within your CAD system. In either case, GRANTA MI can be configured to run reports that assess product risk and environmental impacts and guide design decisions.

  • Make the right material choices early in design; maximum impact for minimum cost.
  • Rapidly assess environmental impacts (like CO2 footprint) and resource efficiency for legacy and in-production products.
  • See a single view of engineering, eco, and regulatory factors.
  • Increase resilience to price volatility, supply chain disruption, obsolesence, or eco regulations.
  • Get useful results, fast, reducing need to gather supply chain data.
Running BoM Analysis

Run fast reports on product designs

Arrange a demo

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Support for PLM and CAD

Integrate a single, centrally managed and approved source of materials data into the product design and development process

Empower simulation

Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE

Reduce product risk

Enable best practice strategies to minimize substance risk and access practical analytics, reporting, and decision-making tools