Support materials engineering

With GRANTA MI you can manage vital test data relating to your materials and processes, advancing your understanding of metals, plastics, and composites. Analyze data to generate essential information for design. Ensure traceability and avoid data loss. Support additive manufacturing.

Test Data Management

Maximize return on investment from materials testing and qualification programs. Support an efficient, traceable materials testing and analysis process – from test lab to design data.


Manage complex composite information from testing, research, QA, simulation, design, and qualification. Ensure traceability. Reduce errors and delays in qualification.

Additive Manufacturing

Secure your AM project knowledge. Analyze it for insight that helps get AM solutions to market faster. Improve understanding of critical process / property relationships.

Reference information

You can also access a broad range of materials reference information within GRANTA MI – e.g., MMPDS aero alloys, CAMPUS plastics, NCAMP composites.

“We cut about 80% of the time it used to take to generate the models”


AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and VESTAS use GRANTA MI to manage data for composite qualification.