Data Services

Expert services to help you audit, research, compile, or enrich your materials data.

Granta has a unique expertise in materials data and information, both in working with our customers and developing our own Data Products.

We can apply that expertise to help you with tasks such as:

  • Auditing your materials data and advising on its organization
  • Consolidating and checking your materials data
  • Conversion of non-electronic, or non searchable materials data into a more useful form
  • Researching and compiling custom datasets, or enriching your existing data
  • Preparing and publishing data on-line (link to on-line publishing).

Example Projects

Conversion of a paper-based design manual into a GRANTA MI database

  • Customer had a paper-based design manual dating from the 1990s which was still being used for certain projects
  • The manual was scanned and digitized using OCR
  • Extensive checking was completed on the digitized data to ensure accuracy using Granta’s unique data checking methodologies
  • The checked data was converted into a GRANTA MI database providing all the benefits of searchablity, ease of data comparison, unit conversion, and export to CAE formats. The database provided PDF representations of the manual as a back-up.

Checking a CAE data library

  • Customer had a large data set being used for CAE which they knew contained errors
  • Granta applied unique data-checking methodologies to identify these problems and recommend how the data should be fixed
  • Gaps in the data were filled using Granta’s materials property estimation and modeling techniques.

Developing an electrical steels data product

  • Customer identified the need for a single, qualified source of data for electrical steels
  • Granta compiled data from various sources, including the company’s own data repositories, and turned it into an electronic steels database using the same principles that underlie the MaterialUniverse data products.
  • The resulting database was made available to the whole enterprise using GRANTA MI, and also to experts using the CES Selector software.

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