Implementing GRANTA MI

Implementing GRANTA MI is straightforward, thanks to our years of experience in this sector

Our five-stage process helps to ensure a smooth transition from your existing materials set-up to GRANTA MI, including data migration and seamless integration with your platforms, workflows, and preferred engineering systems.

Using standard technologies and processes, our Services Team is ready to work with you to roll out a system in a matter of months.

GRANTA MI implementation process

Key capabilities

We can apply expertise from working on hundreds of materials information management implementations to ensure a smooth GRANTA MI project. Granta Services team competencies include:

  • Business case development – at project, department, or corporate level
  • Materials information surveyanalyze your environment; specify the right solution and implementation plan
  • Project team support – identify and train relevant groups and stakeholders
  • Project management – helping you to plan and coordinate all aspects of the implementation
  • Installation support – getting you up-and-running, fast, and configuring to your requirements
  • Delivery – implement quick wins to prove the system, help you to transfer data, prepare for roll-out
  • Roll-out – advice, support, and end user training; monitor progress and adjust as appropriate
  • Evolution – learn lessons and plan the next phase, transferring expertise so you can be self-sufficient.

Discuss your needs

Contact us to discuss your materials information technology needs.  A great way to start is with a short initial audit – our expert materials information consultants can survey your organization and recommend first steps towards a more strategic approach to your company’s materials information.


Find out how you could benefit from GRANTA MI, the leading system for enterprise materials information management. Advance your materials engineering and enable better, greener, safer products through the application of material intelligence.


The first step towards ‘material intelligence’ is often to take our Materials Intelligence Survey. You can do this when you are assessing your needs for a materials information system, or to kick off your implementation project.