Material Intelligence Survey

Assess and plan for your material information management needs

A typical first step towards achieving ‘material intelligence’ for your organization is an analysis of your materials information environment. Granta experts can help you to do this through out standardized Material Intelligence Survey process, based on experience of dozens of materials information management implementations.

A survey can be conducted as part of developing the business case for a materials information management system.  Or it can be the first step in your implementation project, enabling you to specify the exact solution for your needs and to put together an implementation plan.

Granta Services process


In either case, we can enable you to achieve your objectives quickly, with least effort, applying Granta’s knowledge of similar situations and problems. Granta’s materials information technology experts will visit you site and:

  • Apply our proprietary Material Intelligence Survey Kit™ to conduct detailed interviews, workshops, and process mapping sessions with stakeholders from management, key materials and engineering departments, IT, and other groups involved in the project
  • A key focus of the Survey is understanding use cases—how, and for what purpose do you need to use materials information?
  • Review in detail issues such as the key use cases and problems relating to materials data, the main types of data and how they are currently managed and maintained, the ideal workflows for materials data in your company, needs for integration with other business and engineering software, and constraints or requirements due to corporate systems and policies
  • Provide an Implementation Roadmap detailing a system that can meet your requirements and providing an outline plan for implementation.

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Discuss your needs

Contact us to discuss your materials information technology needs.  A great way to start is with a short initial audit – our expert materials information consultants can survey your organization and recommend first steps towards a more strategic approach to your company’s materials information.


Find out how you could benefit from GRANTA MI, the leading system for enterprise materials information management. Advance your materials engineering and enable better, greener, safer products through the application of material intelligence.

Implementation Services

A full portfolio of services to support the specification, implementation, and application of best practice materials information management.