The Business Case for Material Intelligence

Stephen Warde, Dan Williams, Richard Painter, Arthur Fairfull, Will Marsden - © 2012, Granta Design,

The impact of materials information on productivity, innovation, cost, and risk in the engineering enterprise

If your organization makes or designs products, it uses materials. Information about these materials is vital, often with multi-million dollar impact. In other areas of product engineering, digital transformation is already highly embedded – for example, CAE, CAD, and CAM are now ‘must haves’ for every manufacturing enterprise. Software technology to manage and effectively apply materials information had lagged behind – but this is changing, rapidly. In this white paper, we explore why this is, with materials information management increasingly established as a core engineering technology. Includes extensive case study and return on investment information.


GRANTA MI is the leading materials information management system for engineering enterprises, embodying the best practice discussed in this white paper.