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Some of our past webinars are recorded. Hear Granta and guest speakers from leading engineering enterprises talk about industrial applications.

Granta runs regular web seminars, including many with guest speakers from world-leading engineering companies, for anyone with an interest in materials information technologies. Some of these webinars are recorded and available to view on demand. These are presented below, sorted by theme.

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The Business Value of Materials Data Management – an Aerojet Case Study

For maximum return on investment from your materials testing and qualification programs, you need to securely and traceably manage the entire materials data lifecycle, from capture to use in design. We’ll introduce industry best practice, developed by the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) and embodied in the GRANTA MI system. Our guest speaker, Terry Wong, Principal Engineer at Aerojet will share how they gain efficiencies by managing their test data and analysis programs.

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Digitalize your Additive Manufacturing projects

Are you developing new additive manufacturing (AM) processes? How do you enable detailed understanding of these processes and represent this insight accurately in digital form, supporting downstream design and production? In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practice for capturing the materials and process data generated during AM development projects.

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Materials-enabling the digital twin – introducing GRANTA MI12

At this webinar we announced and demonstrated the latest features in GRANTA MI Version 12. Watch it now and learn how it can materials-enable your digital twin, and company digitalization strategies.

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3 Essential Steps to Materials-enable PLM, CAD, and CAE

Watch this on-demand webinar and we’ll take you through the three essential steps of: managing your materials data, integrating it into your business processes, and future-proofing your investment.

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How Leading Companies Avoid Using the Wrong Materials

Watch this webinar to learn directly from leading materials experts from companies as diverse as Honeywell Aerospace, Burberry, and Saudi Aramco, who present best practices for materials substitution, and how to avoid increased costs and product launch delays caused by using sub-optimal materials.

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Additive Manufacturing: state-of-the-art inspection methods and powder analysis

Watch this webinar to hear from the MTC and Granta Design on optimizing Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes or qualifying AM parts.

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Assessing restricted substance content in surface treatment specifications

Watch this webinar to find out how access to data from SAE will help you identify which substances are contained in surface treatment specifications in order to comply with product reporting requirements, or to avoid risk during product design.

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Quickly validate your choice of materials

Watch this webinar to hear how Brush Electrical Machines Ltd, a leading electrical equipment manufacturer, uses its material intelligence to quickly validate its choice of materials, improving product performance and reducing costs.

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How to combine materials to optimize performance?

In this webinar with FORCE Technology, the Danish center for composite expertise, we show how you can use the data and tools in CES Selector to quickly identify candidate materials and investigate how they can be combined to achieve optimal performance.

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Selecting and comparing industrial Additive Manufacturing Machines & Materials with the Senvol Database™

Watch this webinar to find out how you can access the Senvol Database™, the largest collection of data for Additive Manufacturing, and how this dataset can be used to compare materials’ performance for a target application.

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Experiences in restricted substance risk management

Watch this webinar to find out how manufacturing enterprises are meeting the challenges posed by restricted substances at every level: from executives concerned with corporate liability, to engineers making practical materials choices.

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Minimizing risk when selecting or changing materials

Watch this on demand webinar and discover how to quickly establish the benefits and limitations of different material options and identify candidate materials

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How Do Industry Leaders Manage Materials Information for the Enterprise?

Learn from industry leaders how the latest materials information technology enables consistent, informed decision-making to save time and cost, reduce risk, and support innovation.

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Identifying new uses and markets for your materials

Hear from our guest speaker, who will share his experiences of using CES Selector to investigate how Victrex grades compare with competing materials , focusing on the replacement of lightweight alloys.

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Managing and Using Materials Information in the Aerospace Industry

Watch this webinar to find out why and how major aerospace enterprises manage and use materials information. Honeywell explains how they plan, implement, and apply their materials information systems using the GRANTA MI software, and the outline the resulting benefits.

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Materials Challenges for Wind Turbines

Discover the importance of materials information technology to materials challenges in the design and manufacture of wind turbines.

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Materials Intelligence for Challenging Engineering Environments

Watch this webinar to discover tools to optimize material decision-making; enforce “preferred” material programs; and assess supply chain or regulatory compliance risk. Understand why fit-for-purpose materials intelligence is a crucial requirement in today’s industry.

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How automotive leaders manage and use materials information

Speakers from Jaguar Land Rover and TRW Automotive offer insights from both an OEM and a supplier perspective on the strategic importance of materials int he automotive industry.

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