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Paper: Advanced Industrial Case Studies in Transportation with CES EduPack and CES Selector

A paper describing the Aerospace Edition of CES EduPack and the data it contains. The paper then goes on to give example materials selection case studies for Aerospace, Automotive and Marine applications before finishing with a description of how materials data is handled and used in Industry.

Authors | Institution:
Arlindo Silva | IST, University of Lisbon
Type | Language | Year:
PDF | English | 2014
Alloy Steel, Magnesium & Alloys, Metals & Alloys, 2014, MIL-HDBK, Fatigue, Aluminium, Constraints, Objectives, Function, Advanced, MMPDS, Aerospace, Design, Heat treatment, Data, Composites, Performance Indices, CES EduPack, High Temperature Data, Selection, Automotive,
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