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Paper: The CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database

Well-designed products provide both function and satisfaction. Materials and processes play a key role in achieving both. This White Paper describes a computer-based platform for design students (be they engineers or industrial designers) to explore products and the materials and processes used to make them. It is product-centered, but unlike most other such databases, it also contains high quality data for materials and processes, and profiles of designers and manufacturers. To build it we contacted over 200 designers for help in populating the database with products that use materials in innovative ways and drew on Granta Design's extensive databanks to populate the materials and process records. The paper describes its use, illustrated by case studies. Download: The Products, Materials and Processes database, Lecture Unit: The Products, Materials and Processes database, Exercises: The Products, Materials and Processes Database.

Authors | Institution:
Magda Figuerola, Qiuying Lai, Mike Ashby | Granta Design
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PDF | English | 2016
Aesthetics, Perceptions, Elastic, Last, 2016, Industrial Design, Product Design, Materials, Design, Processes, Database, Introductory, CES EduPack, Industrial,
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