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Postcard: The Materials Cube

The Materials Cube helps to engage your students and visualize material properties in 3D. Cut round the shape, fold along solid lines and glue tabs in order 1, 2 and 3.

Authors | Institution:
Mike Ashby, Magda Figuerola | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
PDF | English | 2015
Thermosets, Limit, Stainless Steel, Visualization, Alloy Steel, Magnesium & Alloys, Metals & Alloys, 2015, Steel, Yield Strength, Copper & Alloys, Aluminium & Alloys, Aluminium, plastics, Precious Metals, Last, Industrial Design, Product Design, Properties, Titanium & Alloys, students, Materials, Design, Hybrids, Density, Strength, Youngs Modulus, Woods, Fibers, Charts, Composites, Glasses, Graphs, Introductory, Natural, Polymers, Bubble, CES EduPack, Super Alloys, Teaching, Ceramics,
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