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Project Files: The Materials Science and Engineering Package

These Project Files accompany the Exercises for the Materials Science and Engineering Package. They are ready-made charts, fully labelled and formatted. Topics include: Elements, Functional Materials, Biological Materials, Process Property Relationships. Experience suggests that learning is better achieved by discovery for oneself than by passive listening. The CES EduPack Materials Science and Engineering (MSandE) Package is a set of resources that allows students to explore the relationships between Processing, Structure and Properties. They stimulate discovery and pose questions: why does this property change in that way when the material is processed? Why is this other property unchanged? The package includes data for the elements, data for structural, functional and biological materials, for processes for shaping, joining and finishing, tools to aid understanding of phase diagrams and resources that focus explicitly on the process-structure-property relation.

Authors | Institution:
Mike Ashby | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
CES | English | 2017
2017, CrystalStructure, Energy, Hardness, Magnetic, Nuclear, Optical, PhaseDiagram, Resistivity, Deformation, Density, Dislocations, Heat treatment, Microstructure, Processes, Atomic, Callister, Conductivity, Electrical, Elements, Introductory,
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